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Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes


...are a Great Alternative to Traditional Tobacco Smoking!

There are at least four thousand (4,000) harmful chemicals in traditional tobacco. Some of these harmful chemicals include ammonia, formaldehyde, acetone, tar, carbon monoxide, and arsenic; these are just few of the harmful substances that can be found in a traditional tobacco cigarette. The Electronic Cigarette does not contain tobacco.  One of the best things about the electronic cigarette is that you can get the same satisfaction without many of the harmful effects.  Please note that the risks associated with ecig smoking may be similar to that of nicotine replacement therapies like nicotine gum and patches.  Also note that ecig smoking is not an FDA approved smoking cessation program.  Ecigarette smoking is only an alternative to recreational tobacco smoking and may not have any health benefits.

Legal to Use Anywhere.  *Please respect non smoking zones as the vapor emitted by the electronic cigarette looks like smoke.

There are a lot of places where traditional smoking is not allowed and it is always a challenge for smokers to find a suitable place to smoke. Electronic Cigarette can be smoked just about ANYWHERE. If in doubt, ask the shop owner if it is okay. Most shop owners do not have a problem with esmoking. Since there is no combustion, there is no smoke. Current laws do not prohibit the use of this electronic device.  Please check with your local laws as laws are constantly changing. 


Electronic Cigarettes are Eco-Friendly

Electronic Cigarettes do not pollute the air since it only releases vapor. No ash, no butts, no fumes, no smoke, it is clean for the environment. Electronic cigarettes truly are the product of the future since it promotes clean air. Since it does not contain tar and tobacco, it is free from many of the hazards found in traditional cigarettes.  In addition, think about all the waste generated by cigarette butts.  Electronic cigarettes appear to contribute to a cleaner environment.

Electric Cigarettes are Non-Flammable

The LED simulates the burning effect of tobacco. The LED's typically come in BLUE and RED. No match or lighter is needed because it is completely electronic.

Electric cigarettes are Durable and have Realistic-Looking Design

Electronic Cigarettes are state of the art micro devices designed to give you a vapor that satisfies your craving for tobacco. They may look similar to traditional cigarettes or they may look different. Many prefer using an Electronic Cigarette that does not look like a real cigarette because it allows the user to be more discreet.

Electric cigarettes come in flavors that may be similar to your current tobacco cigarette

You can order our Electronic Cigarette in various flavors. Some flavors imitate traditional tobacco cigarettes, while other flavors may imitate menthol and other popular flavors. Many of our flavors will be very familiar to your taste!

Electronic cigarettes are Rechargeable

Enjoy unlimited hours of vaping pleasure. The electronic cigarette provides you with a similar sensation as real smoking. Each package comes with one or more lithium rechargeable batteries that you can use many many times.

Electronic Cigarettes Save you Money!

Each cartridge can be refilled with inexpensive e-juice. You can save as much as eighty percent (80%) by using an electronic cigarettes being as the price of traditional cigarettes are upwards of $8 or more per pack.  Think of what you can do with all the extra money you now have!

Ready to get started?  Check out our huge selection of electronic cigarette starter kits


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