An e-liquid recipe for green fairy lovers.

by ratenbach

Amaretto Sour

A killer cocktail e-liquid.

by lorizgal

Bahama Mama

A tropical fruit drink flavor.

by EcigExpress

Banana Coffee with a Kick

A tasty coffee flavor with a minty kick.

by Teresa Murray

Banana Colada

A tropical banana and coconut drink flavor.

by EcigExpress


A unique and tasty flavor.

by EcigExpress

Caramel Cappuccino

A smooth coffee flavor.

by Donna

Cherry Limeade

A very refreshing limeade taste for summer vaping.

Crimson Mojo

A delicious berry flavored Mojito recipe.

by EcigExpress

Express MLB

Espresso and tobacco in one delicious flavor.

by Clay Ard

Lemon Lime Champagne

A relaxing, bubbly citrus flavor.

by My4Jewels

Mocha Mint

A mint mocha latte flavor.

by EcigExpress

Radberry Smoothie

A delicious berry smoothie flavor.

by EcigExpress

Stellar Coffee

A coffee flavor that is out of this world.

by EcigExpress

Strawapple Lemonade

A unique fruit blended beverage flavor.

by michael

Summer Strawberry Lemonade

Refreshing and delicious.

by Bluebelle

The Pink Flamingo

An e-liquid recipe that will make you rumba.

by EcigExpress

Wake Up Call

A powerful boost blend flavor.

by EcigExpress

Warm 'n' Fuzzy

A sweet cappuccino flavor.

by EcigExpress