Badger Grease

A must try to understand the smooth sweetness.

by jdvorr

Beetle Juice

A relaxing vape, perfect for Halloween.

by EcigExpress

Butter Face e-Liquid Recipe

A delicious face melting flavor!

by Crazycook

Butter Rum Cafe

A warm, nutty and slightly sweet flavor.

by EcigExpress

Firework Frenzy

A special blend for 4th of July!

by EcigExpress

Honeysuckle Vanilla

A unique blend with a pleasant aroma.

by Lynda

Hot Lips

The perfect kiss, spicy and sweet.

by EcigExpress

Morning Nectar

Wake up to an invigorating natural flavor.

by Nina Aka Beans

Old Man Winter

A frosty mid-winter treat

by EcigExpress

Poison Dart Frog

An intense blend with a bitter bite.

by EcigExpress

Waffle Dream

A tasty vape, in the morning or all day long.

by Stringer63