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Cocoa by FlavourArt

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Cocoa by FlavourArt (Select Size)

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About This DIY e-Liquid Flavor

Vape this classic bittersweer flavor by itself, or add the traditional flavor of cocoa to your DIY e-juice mix, where it complements the flavors of desserts, tobacco, and soft drinks. And don't forget to keep some around in your DIY e-liquid spice rack to develop your own comforting dessert recipe.

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A bit of information about Cocoa:

The antecedent of chocolate, the taxonomic name of cocoa, Theobroma Cocoa, means "food of the gods."

Pronunciation:   ko-ko
Brand Name:   FlavourArt
Product Number:   FA-COCOA
Ingredients:   Contains propylene glycol and artificial flavor.
This flavor contains Diacetyl and/or related diketones.
Not suitable for vaping.
Imported From:   Italy
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Most Accepted Reviews

FA must have changed ingredients or the way this flavoring is made

Reviewed on 9/29/2014
About 5 years ago I began making my own e-liquids. FlavourArt Cocoa had the best dark chocolate flavor at about 4%. For me, if my vape does not taste really good, I don't want it; flavor trumps massive clouds of vapor and throat hit.

FA Cocoa was one of the main flavorings in a recipe that ended up being one of two of my "sweet spot" all-day-vape flavors. After going through a couple bottles, there was a change on my third bottle. It had ~3 mls of light brown sediment at the bottom of the 30 ml bottle. So, I just shook it up and used it as usual. It had the same great taste as the previous bottles, but it gunked up cartomizers and tank atomizers really fast - so fast to the point it wasn't worth the amount of cartos I was tossing and the time spent in dry-burn cleaning replaceable attys for tanks.

I checked with 2 vendors (one was ecigexpress) and asked if the FA Cocoa flavoring had sediment in the bottles in their current inventory. I was told that yes, it did. I contacted FlavourArt and was told by the customer support person, that as far as she knew, there had never been a change in their recipe and that the sediment was normal.

I have nothing against ecigexpress - their prices are good, their selection is good, and you can't beat their customer service. I don't know how to rate Cocoa by FA now. It still tastes great, but I won't use it anymore in e-liquids because it's a real atty killer. At least I can use it to flavor coffee. The rest of my FA collection, along with a lot of flavorings from other companies have no sediment. I still use FlavorArt in most of my mixes.
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Vapes just like cocoa

Reviewed on 4/7/2016
Vapes just like dry cocoa from the can, which I love, with a bit of sweetener and cream. If you like old fashioned homemade hot cocoa (NOT the premixed stuff in a packet, but homemade in a pan on the stove), this is the one. I'm still trying to perfect a café mocha, have not gotten there yet. This one has endless possibilities for me, I have plans to test it with marshmallow, nut flavors and more. (I create my own formulas, I do not clone ejuices.) If you like dark chocolate for its high cocoa flavor, this is a good addition to your arsenal of flavors.
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Good with a mix

Reviewed on 3/6/2014
This flavor is wonderful if you mix with Cherry or a Cream. It is much stronger than other companies offer. So mix it with a couple of drops and add something with it. I will buy this again
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Great cocoa flavor

Reviewed on 8/17/2016
I use fa cocoa in my pb cup mix it is one of my favorites :)
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Good cocoa taste

Reviewed on 12/27/2015
Having a hard time working with this, but it IS spot on cocoa. That's actually what is making it hard to work with for me, but it's exactly what I was expecting and wanted, so I sure can't complain! Guessing juices with this need more steeping or sweetening then I'm giving them. It is EXACTLY cocoa flavour in my books though, so if that is what you're looking for, order this! If you're looking for chocolate though, this isn't it.
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Taste and use

Reviewed on 10/22/2015
This flavor is intended as a use in a recipe and not a stand alone. A very small amount is required and I have never had this flavor gunk up or negatively affect my atties. I of course only use high quality devices so I am not sure how this flavor may affect a low end device. I personally have went through 1000 mls of an FA recipe with cocoa flavor using same attie on my Unwell and had no problems. This flavor is awesome.
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Reviewed on 10/31/2010
Just received this so I need to play a while with this flavor....
Becuase flavorart is more concentrated I tend to overuse as I am
use to flavors from other companies....didn't like it the first go round so stay tuned...I will try again with less and see if I like it better..

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tasted like play doh

Reviewed on 2/8/2018
mixed a small amount to flavour art cherry and it tasted like play doh. i tried adding more cocoa and it just made it worse. im not that great at mixing flavors but this was an all out loss.
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as good a base for chocolate as you'll find

Reviewed on 4/1/2017
not a fan of the tootsie-roll type flavors, this one doesn't fall into that category. have been adding it to dessert vapes for a dusting-of-cocoa-on-top effect.
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Good Chocolate

Reviewed on 1/23/2017
I think this is meant more as a mixer than a standalone. Add some heavy type cream and sweetener and it makes for a good chocolate.
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