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Condensed Milk by FlavourArt

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Condensed Milk by FlavourArt (Select Size)

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    Contains Diacetyl and/or related diketones.
    May not be suitable for vaping.

    About This DIY e-Liquid Flavor

    Add the sticky-sweet flavor of condensed milk to your DIY e-liquid mixture. Condensed Milk goes well with coffee and dessert flavors, or with a dash of spice to add your own unique twist on mild tobacco flavors.

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    A bit of information about Condensed Milk:

    Condensed milk is usually sweetened, and is an essential element of many dessert recipes. In Vietnam, it is commonly used to sweeten coffee.

    Pronunciation:   con-densd milk
    Brand Name:   FlavourArt
    Product Number:   FA-CONDENSEDMILK
    Ingredients:   Contains propylene glycol and artificial flavor.
    This flavor contains Diacetyl and/or related diketones.
    Not suitable for vaping.
    Imported From:   Italy
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    Most Accepted Reviews

    Perfect unsweetened condensed milk flavor!

    Reviewed on 1/1/2016
    It does have a buttery smell, and is pretty nasty in concentrate form.
    I added this concentrate to 5ml of 40/60 Pg/Vg at 12%, slow cooker for 1hr, then sat overmight. From this 12% I added 2 drops per ml to a pumpkin pie recipe, this made the pumpkin pie taste like the old school scratch pumpkin pie Grandma used to make every Thanksgiving.
    Really a spot on flavor right down to the canned milk after taste. :)
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    Reviewed on 4/19/2015
    This is by far one of the strongest flavorings ive come across in nearly two years. It is a very potent butter/dairy flavor, to a nauseating point if you're not very careful with the amount used. I can't imagine anyone using this above 1%, even though I've seen a couple recipes lately using it at 6%. I can't personally get it to work for my taste buds just because it's so POTENT, but used VERY sparingly it could be that one magical ingredient in the right mix used the right way. Just don't get this thinking it is going to taste like yummy sweetened condensed milk in the can because it's not that. Think of the strongest dairy/butter/sour cream/cream cheese/liquid parmasean all mixed together, then concentrate that mix, yeah...kinda like that ;-)
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    Very close to the real canned Condensed Milk

    Reviewed on 3/15/2017
    This flavor compliments your creams so if you have a recipe that calls for a sweet, creamy condensed milk taste use this. Use it at less than 1%. At higher %'s you'll get a powdered milk taste. Don't be put off by the negative ratings you see here about this product. People who rate this product low, or complain about its smell, are going about using it in the wrong way. According to so many who have used this product successfully, you MUST use it in a 10% dilution (i.e.1 part Condensed Milk to 10 parts PG/VG). I just bought 10 ml, added 100 ml PG and now have 110ml of good stuff that will last me a while.
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    luv it

    Reviewed on 5/17/2015
    I think this is awesome alone or w honey, yum ! my version of milkman
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    very strong popcorn butter flavour

    Reviewed on 12/1/2014
    Kinda taste like condensed milk. At higher percentages, will taste like popcorn butter. Super potent, flavour will overpower most flavors. Recommended usage at <1%
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    buttery smell

    Reviewed on 10/10/2014
    Does have a buttery smell, taste is on point though. Improved a damn good e liquid I have and sell, this is going to be making me even more money, thank you
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    Reviewed on 11/11/2017
    I love this milk. I was using just milk and malted milk when making custard and cream flavors. I decided to give this a try. I added my 10ml bottle to a 100ml of pg and add 1 or 2 mls to the recipe. Gives it a nice even creamy vape.
    Great addition to any mixologist stash
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    Reviewed on 11/20/2016
    Was looking for a cream/milk addition to my almost perfect Dragons Blood(y) clone mix...this is NOT it! No creamy "mouth feel" as another reviewer mentioned...just an awful cloyingly sour artificial taste that truly overpowered my entire otherwise delicious pre-steeped DBC recipe. Only .5ml added to 60mls completely ruined the batch....and maybe even the bottle!
    Really disappointed with this one. Can't imagine any recipe benefiting from the gross taste of this flavor!
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    Condensed Milk Wonderful

    Reviewed on 2/1/2016
    This is a great add to any mix that you are trying to get a sweet creamy add and a smooth mouth feel from your vape mix. I use this with fruit mixes and it lends a pudding type feel to the vape. Add it to Custard and it makes them a sweet rich, smooth vape. I wouldn't be without this stuff. Another Flavor Art hit!
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    Reviewed on 1/4/2016
    This flavor is intense. I've used a drop of it in a 10ml bottle and it overpowers everything. I don't get a buttery flavor but maybe at higher percentages that's possible. I would recommend doing a 10% dilution of this and using the dilution. (it's that strong) I personally think it's an authentic condensed milk flavor and can be useful.
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