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Yogurt by FlavourArt

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Yogurt by FlavourArt

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The creamy flavor of yogurt tastes great by itself, or when mixed in your very own recipe of DIY e-liquid flavors. We recommend desserts, fruits, florals, spices and some herbal flavors.

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A bit of information about Yogurt:

The word Yogurt is of Turkish origin, but the origins of this favorite light snack food are unknown. The oldest written record of it is found in the writings of Pliny the Elder, who remarked that certain "barbarous nations" made it. Of course, for a Roman like Pliny the Elder, one's status as a barbarian was dependent on the frequency with which one wore trousers, so don't feel like you're uncivilized just because you like a bit of yogurt with your breakfast!

Pronunciation:   yaw-gurt

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Brand Name:   FlavourArt
Product Number:   FA-YOGURT
Ingredients:   Contains propylene glycol and artificial flavor.
This flavor contains Diacetyl and/or related diketones.
Not suitable for vaping.
Imported From:   Italy
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Most Accepted Reviews

hard to rate

Reviewed on 7/14/2015
Well this is the first time I tried a yogurt flavor, so it is hard for me to rate because I am still trying different percentages. What I can say is that it does taste like yogurt, but if the percentage is too high, it will taste a little sour.
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Reviewed on 10/7/2015
This is the best yogurt AROUND! Everything I have made turns out just right, the flavour of this yogurt is so spot-on I will not use any other and this is the TRUTH! <3
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Best of the best

Reviewed on 12/25/2015
This is the best yogurt I have, but I also mixed it with Capella Creamy Yogurt and these to make an amazing pair. I believe the two of them together give a GREAT! blend. I really love FA flavors and they are hard to beat, but sometimes mixing it up a bit gives a really nice mix. Love this Yogurt!
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Great Yogurt

Reviewed on 1/23/2017
Good yogurt at around 5%. Mixed with flv greek and some cream fresh and you will get a fantastic base.
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very good flavor

Reviewed on 8/30/2016
Nice yogurt flavor I mix it at 5% with fa strawberry 4%
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Reviewed on 6/21/2016
Real yogurt, sourness and sweetness, as well as creaminess is ON point. You don't need much of it, start with 2% and work your way up. If the sourness bothers you, try balancing it out with Capella Creamy Yogurt - this duo I find to be a perfect yogurt flavor base.
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Great Flavor

Reviewed on 4/11/2016
Good with a fruit, some mild cream, and surprisingly add some sour....2%. Gives it a tang like yogurt. I use Yogurt no more than 7%. It is also good with just vanilla swirls and/or cheesecake. I think I used them all about the same proportion. Those are some of my better recipes. Sometime I add custard and let steep. Play with it to get your sour/sweet/creme ratio how you want it. Everyone's Taste buds are a bit different. May want to take it up to 10%. for a different recipe add a little graham cracker and you have Unicorn Milk Clone. That is about 7 recipes.

YES.....Yogurt it that good. Get at least the 30ml bottle.
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Reviewed on 1/5/2016
I like this yogurt flavor! This is some good stuff! Thanks ecigexpress! Keep up the great work!
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