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Summer Clouds (Fresh Fruit) by FlavourArt

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Summer Clouds (Fresh Fruit)

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    About This DIY e-Liquid Flavor

    FlavourArt has done it yet it again with this fantastic fruit flavor. Sweet yet subtle, Summer Clouds delivers the pleasant taste of fruit punch—an exquisite combination of the summer fruits we all know and love. We recommend trying this flavor by itself to get a good feel for it. Then, try mixing Summer Clouds with a hint of sweetener and other fruit flavors for a fantastic e-liquid recipe. Don’t forget to share your favorite creations with us! We recommend starting at 2%, then adjust to taste to make Summer Clouds taste even better!

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    A bit of information about Summer Clouds:

    Have you ever wondered why the weather is cooler on cloudy days? Clouds create a cooler climate because they reflect sunlight upward, back into space. In fact, clouds can scatter up to 90 percent of the sunlight that hits them.

    Pronunciation:   sum-mer klowdz

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    Brand Name:  
    Product Number:   FA-SUMMER-CLOUDS
    Ingredients:   Contains propylene glycol and artificial flavor.
    This flavor contains Diacetyl and/or related diketones.
    Not suitable for vaping.
    Imported From:   Italy
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    Reviews of Summer Clouds (Fresh Fruit) by FlavourArt

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    Most Accepted Reviews

    Great Vape

    Reviewed on 6/16/2014
    Great Vape relaxing flavor. Gets better with time as it sits and the flavor mellows. Would definitely recommend. Laid back flavor not over powering.
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    The best

    Reviewed on 6/24/2014
    I cannot believe this flavor has no reviews. It is exactly what the description describes. It is mellow and smooth and a great all day vape. Make sure you steep all juices to ensure you get to enjoy the true flavor of this e-juice. It is great all by itself.
    100% of 2 users found this review helpful Was this review helpful ? Yes / No

    I really love this flavor

    Reviewed on 7/11/2015
    I mixed this at about 3-4%, if you mix too much then you will get a perfume taste too it. Even at the lower percentage you may get a perfume taste at first. I let it steep for about 3 or 4 days, 24 hours without the top. And I didn't get the perfume taste, I taste the fruity mix and a little bit of lime. I also tried it with FAs real cream... I love it mixed that way!
    100% of 1 user found this review helpful Was this review helpful ? Yes / No

    Not good

    Reviewed on 4/16/2015
    I thought this would be good but it just isn't. I think people want things to be good so they try to justify it in their mind. This is not good in any ratio at any %. Steep for weeks and it still tastes the same, like somebody sprayed perfume and rotten fruit in your mouth, it doesn't smell good and it tastes like it smells. I know taste is subjective but if you took this to a vape shop and let people try it I'm almost certain they would all say yuck. I am just sick of flavors like this even making it past testing, people are not looking for flavors like this in the real world. Make flavors people want, not garbage like this. I have hundreds of flavors, I know how to mix, I know what I'm doing and have many good recipes/flavors if that matters (it should). This is trash.
    20% of 5 users found this review helpful Was this review helpful ? Yes / No

    Light and fluffy

    Reviewed on 4/12/2015
    This is a soft semi sweet flavor that I pick up apricot notes and something else mysterious it's really good as a stand alone. I once paired it with mango and it was good as well.
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    Reviewed on 11/13/2014
    This one is similar to the Forest Fruits except this is more like a fruit salad opposed to a berry blend. It's nice and the name is accurate though confusing. Many places have no description to it and Summer Clouds, IMO, does not fit the flavor without it. I recommend this at 3%, standalone. Not sure how it would blend with others unless it was a cream or something. (parfait? )
    100% of 1 user found this review helpful Was this review helpful ? Yes / No

    liquid amber

    Reviewed on 7/21/2014
    this is liquid amber mix with another flavor
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    Reviewed on 1/30/2017
    This is a good everyday mellow vape especially when mixed with an Orange to give it an extra burst at the end!
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    Ehhh... :-(

    Reviewed on 9/24/2016
    I ordered this because of the positive reviews. First day I got it I opened and smelled it, smelled like strong perfume mixed with air freshener- not a good smell. So I opened it up and let it air out/steep for a few days. It smelled a bit better but still strong but because of good reviews (and I didn't have many other options) thought I'd try it. Mixed at around 5% with strawberry (the red touch) and rraspberry (flavourart). Shaked it an tried tasted only like the first smell I got- perfume/air freshener/detergant.. Left it open and let it steep some more. Left about a week and forgot prettymuch thinking it would be one that I'd not use. Tried and it's actually not as bad But that's not saying a lot lol. It's mellowed out A LOT. It still has a weird undertaste and afterflavor that overpowers everything else- laundry soap, coconut kind of, reminds me of the "clean" airfreshener or what coconut cream body wash might taste like. Tried to mix at very low amounts like 2 drops and it overpowers whatever its mixed with. Luckily it doesn't linger in your tank once you empty it and refill with something else. I won't buy again.
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    Reviewed on 8/18/2016
    I don't taste perfume at all in this flavor. Maybe people aren't shaking the bottle up good before they play with it. To me it tastes like mixed fruits as a stand alone flavor. I haven't mixed it with anything else yet.
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