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Zen Garden by FlavourArt

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Zen Garden  by FlavourArt (Select Size)

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About This DIY e-Liquid Flavor

Zen Garden is an earthy non-tobacco flavor with subtle herbal and floral notes. It is complex and unusual enough to encourage meditation when used on its own. Once you get a sense of how relaxing it is, combine Zen Garden with other flavors to add a sublime feel to your vaping experience. Once you have, do be sure to share your DIY recipe with us, because everybody's impression of this flavor is completely different!

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A bit of information about Zen Garden:

The Japanese rock garden, or karesansui, creates a miniature stylized landscape meant to encourage meditation. The rocks are raked to mimic the ripples seen in water, and if you've spent any time contemplating one, you'd know that they truly are effective at imitating the essence of nature without imitating its appearance.

Pronunciation:   zen gar-den

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Brand Name:   FlavourArt
Product Number:   FA-ZENGARDEN
Ingredients:   Contains propylene glycol and artificial flavor.
This flavor contains Diacetyl and/or related diketones.
Not suitable for vaping.
Imported From:   Italy
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Reviews of Zen Garden by FlavourArt

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Most Accepted Reviews

savory, herb and forest

frater vapor
Reviewed on 3/16/2016
I tried this as a single flavor in 50/50 at 10%.

Here is a part of my review published elsewhere:

"My bias is toward savory rather than sweet. I like tea, coffee, and spice flavors. This flavor is definitely in the savory camp. The overall sense is herbal and earthy, like a forest floor. Thai basil predominates over an earthy middle. There are sparkly notes in the back somewhere. Cedar? Mint? I wish there were more companies doing this kind of thing."

I might make a test batch at 5% and 2.5% since other reviewers mentioned those.
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Reviewed on 3/25/2014
Mixers beware! Use sparingly! This flavor gives you a very deep woodsy herb flavor but it will overpower a mix if you add more that 3%
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Very Unique

Reviewed on 4/1/2016
I find this to have a very strong sage flavor. It's almost like inhaling all of the "green" ingredients in a tomato pasta sauce. Becomes extremely mellow and gains a sweetness after steeping over 3 weeks. I recommend trying in a short, and a super-long steep.
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let it steep

Reviewed on 3/27/2016
I was hesitant to use it after I smelled it but when I paired it with other savory flavors it worked well. I used 1 drop per 10 mls and it made the juice very mellow kinda reminded me of a basil so I used it in a SB margarita w/ basil mix delicious just let it steep bc I added more before it had a chance to finish steeping and it turned out very strong when the 1 drop would of been fine.
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Reviewed on 10/22/2014
I mixed this with lavender to make a 'night time / relaxation' vape before bed. Used Zen Garden about 2 and a half percent. It came out absolutely wonderfully and really complemented the lavender! I can tell that it's very easy to overdo this flavor, though. So be careful and use only a little!
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A Reliable Herbal

Reviewed on 8/9/2017
Flavour Art has a rep for being hit or miss, this is spot-on herbs. Very mild and gentle, you will need to use a higher percentage if wanting strong flavor. Basil and Mint. Does not taste like pesto or toothpaste, but like the actual fresh herbs. Great for summer or for those who don't care for sweet/dessert flavors. Nice!
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Earthy, as described, tricky to work with

Reviewed on 12/1/2015
On it's own this isn't a terrible vape at about 2%. By no means something I could vape all day, but a very interesting flavour. I'm having a hard time working with it because it's so complex, but I have a feeling when I find some recipes to mix it in with, it's going to work wonders. No regrets about ordering this to try.
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Not for me

Reviewed on 7/11/2014
My brother bought some of this a while back. Have no idea what percentage he mixed at, but it tastes like chicken noodle soup, well home made anyway. Or some sort of Italian broth.

We have nick named the bottle Soup and never again touched it.
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Sgettie sause

Reviewed on 7/1/2017
First batch rocked after steeping. Second one... still waiting. Needs a long time to cook. Rushed and all you get is Oregano taste. :P Mixed it with some Mojito and its great! A little sweetener might help it a bit but i do like it. Definitely not for the cotton candy crowed though.
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Very Zen

Reviewed on 12/6/2015
I give five stars because I think the general rating is not representative of the greatness of this flavor. This is neutral... and zen. Sometimes, we need a break of big flavors... this is perfect for this.
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