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MTS Vape Wizard by FlavourArt

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MTS Vape Wizard (Select Size)

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About This DIY e-Liquid Flavor

MTS stands for mellow, thick, and smooth, which is why this flavor adds body and depth to your existing e-liquid creations. Be careful, though, because while Vape Wizard is an e-liquid flavor enhancer, it does not have any flavor on its own. Use from 0.5% to 2%. A little goes a long way!

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A bit of information about MTS Vape Wizard:

Exceptional chefs, programmers, artists, and many other creative types are sometimes called "Wizards" for their ability to turn something mundane into something beautiful or elegant.

Pronunciation:   emm tee ehss

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Brand Name:   FlavourArt
Product Number:   FA-VAPEWIZ
Ingredients:   Contains propylene glycol and artificial flavor.
This flavor contains Diacetyl and/or related diketones.
Not suitable for vaping.
Imported From:   Italy
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Reviews of MTS Vape Wizard by FlavourArt

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Most Accepted Reviews

A must if you DIY multi-flavor mixes.

Reviewed on 3/2/2014
I'm a flavorist and have developed over 100 unique flavors and modified easily another 100. MTS goes into any mix with a lot of citric or other acids acid to kill that bite and burn you feel after vaping a juice for a little while. I also use it to pull together some of the complex molecules of non aciic mixes. I find 2 drops per 6ml to be just right for most everything. Of course, any multi ingredient mix, and some singles, they need to steep 3 to 5 days as a normal step (except peach, and that take 4 to 6 weeks to fully develop and come together) and MTS seem to shave a day off that time.
86.36% of 22 users found this review helpful Was this review helpful ? Yes / No

Reviewed on 2/28/2012
At first I wasn't sure if this product actually did anything so I made two batches of the same juice, one with and one without. I can't describe the difference but I immediately ordered more! It just seems to make my recipes more balanced and smoother tasting.
100% of 17 users found this review helpful Was this review helpful ? Yes / No

Reviewed on 4/19/2012
This flavor additive seems to mellow DIY flavors. It ages your concoctions to perfection. it takes away those chemical-like flavors you may have noticed while vaping your favorite DIY creation. It is hard to describe the positive effects of MTS Vape Wizard. Either cheap flavors or top of the line Flavor Art, it works great on them all. I have tested mostly on tobacco-like staples such as RY4, 555. It also lends perfection to vanilla, nut, cake, coffee, and chocolate types of flavorings and e-juices. I have not tested on fruit or sharp spicy flavors. I'm not sure its made for those. But who knows until you try. Menthol anyone? Naaa.

Bottom line: You can easily live without this addition. This is made for those experienced DIY vapors who have tried everything. I do not regret this purchase since its the best price I've ever seen for MTS Vape Wizard. Maybe one day I will find this stuff to be indispensable, but I haven't used it for long enough.
100% of 13 users found this review helpful Was this review helpful ? Yes / No

A Must Have

Reviewed on 1/10/2013
An absolute must for tobacco blends. Hint: It's the secret behind Spearmint as well! Five drops per 10ml in the spearmint or tobacco. Makes a richer vapor as well as "rounding out" some of the sharper edges. This ratio will help out most flavors that many find harsh...
91.67% of 12 users found this review helpful Was this review helpful ? Yes / No

Ordering more right away!

Reviewed on 12/5/2014
Had some complex fruit juices sitting around that had way to much bite and TH. Added 2 drops of MTS VW for every 10ml. Juices are beyond perfect now. Test recipes that I can actually give names too and add them to my selection of juices I offer. Awesome! - "The Juice Guy" - Master Mixologist - Cloudroom Vapes
100% of 9 users found this review helpful Was this review helpful ? Yes / No

Reviewed on 9/19/2012
MTS Vape Wizard does a nice job of knocking down high notes or often sour or peppery tastes in juice. Be careful a little goes a long way !! I use it to even out some of my more complicated (5-9 flavor mixes) juice mixes. Doesn't effect VTF all that much but changes the way you pallet accpts your mix. Overall thumbs up .
90% of 10 users found this review helpful Was this review helpful ? Yes / No

good stuff

Reviewed on 4/5/2014
I mixed a 10 mil batch of cappuccino (capellas) And it was ok, not what I expected but ok. Dumped what I had in the tank back onto the bottle and added 2 drops of this and poof. I was much better. A lot more vapor. I could tell the difference for sure. Just filled the tank back up after vaping the other tank over a day and it was even better after steeping a day. Glad I picked this up. Hopefully it will bring the other flavors I have into a better mix than before. Adds the body I was missing compared to store bough juice. And isn't that what we are all looking for in DIY mixing?.
87.5% of 8 users found this review helpful Was this review helpful ? Yes / No

Reviewed on 1/16/2011
Used it to mellow out some e-juice that I added my own mentol to. I over did it with the menthol but adding this really cut the menthol edge and the e-juice turned out tasting like a Salem Light. Don't know how it works but it works well. Recommend mixing it with a small amount of warm e-juice (1 drop per 30ml)and then adding mixture. Doesn't mix well at room temp due to e-juice viscosity - like mixing oil and water.
100% of 7 users found this review helpful Was this review helpful ? Yes / No

Juice Saver

Reviewed on 9/9/2014
When a DIY goes astray, this can save it (sometimes) from being flushed down the toilet.
That's the only time I use it.
Opinions are like.. Yeah, everybody's got one, and it's just my opinion that if you are using MTS VW in most of your recipes then you need to work on your flavor profiles / balances more diligently.
That being said, I DO use MTS VW in a few complex recipes that have so much going on that it's almost impossible to get my balance right, and then it's only a few drops. This stuff is powerful, and very woody.
It's comprised of substantial amounts of oak flavoring.
100% of 5 users found this review helpful Was this review helpful ? Yes / No

Reviewed on 5/14/2012
I really like this. After I let it steep for a week in some vanilla butternut flavor juice I made it tasted more well rounded and complete. I can't wait to try it in other flavors. I only had to use 1% to get a noticeable flavor, so its quite cost effective.
83.33% of 6 users found this review helpful Was this review helpful ? Yes / No

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