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Shade Tobacco by FlavourArt

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    About This DIY e-Liquid Flavor

    Shade Tobacco is an elegant tobacco flavor with a hint of sweetness. Use it by itself for a slightly smoky all-day vape, or complement its sweetness with fruit, citrus, or mint flavors in your own unique DIY e-liquid recipe. Don't forget to share, as this flavor is very popular. Start by using 1%

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    A bit of information about Shade Tobacco Flavor:

    Grown under shade in the Connecticut River Valley, Connecticut shade tobacco is used primarily for binding and wrapping premium cigars.

    Pronunciation:   shay-d to-bah-koe

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    Brand Name:   FlavourArt
    Product Number:   FA-SHADE
    Ingredients:   Contains propylene glycol and artificial flavor.
    This flavor contains Diacetyl and/or related diketones.
    Not suitable for vaping.
    Imported From:   Italy
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    Reviews of Shade Tobacco by FlavourArt

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    Most Accepted Reviews

    Very good, lite, mild tobacco flavor, hands down one of my favorites.

    Reviewed on 3/4/2014
    Shade is hands down one of my favorite tobacco flavors. Tobacco is very hard to duplicate in an artificial flavoring so I gotta hand it to Flavourart for producing a tobacco flavor this good. Its hard for me to describe tobacco flavors, the best way I can describe Shade is a lite, grassy, leafy & somewhat earthy tobacco essence with a mellow almost vanilla like sweetness to it, that's probably why it works so well with vanilla & RY4 type recipes. I have one RY4 recipe that everyone who has tried it says its delicious. I use 3-5% Shade ( usually 3% but some days I want more tobacco essence, steeping is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for tobacco mixes, I can't stress that enough, I can almost guarantee that the people who say 10% isn't strong enough either didn't steep or didn't steep long enough, or they had vapers tongue, you need a minimum of 3 days steep time but 10 days to 2-3wks is best, the flavors completely change & POP out & richen with proper steeping) 12% Flavor West Caramel Candy, 7-10% of your favorite vanilla ( Ive used CAP Vanilla Custard, MBV Bavarian Cream, Signature Vanilla Swirl & they've all turned out great) 3-5% MBV Sweet Cream or FA Fresh Cream (whatever your favorite cream flavoring is will most likely work best for you, personally I like MBV Sweet Cream @ 3%) 3% Vape Wizard (IMHO Vape Wizard is a MUST for tobacco mixes) & then round it out with 2-3% EM or Sucralose, personally I use 3% EM for all my tobacco mixes. Let this mix steep for 10 days or 2-3wks & you will have one of if not the best RY4 you've ever had, its DELICIOUS!
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    Reviewed on 7/3/2016
    this is just weird to me. not totally bad or totally good but brown tasting and strange. give it a shot. it is original.
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    citrus and fruit

    Reviewed on 2/16/2018
    sweet citrus fruit and nutty
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    very strong tobacco

    Reviewed on 7/18/2017
    i mixed this at 3 percent and added ecigexp tobacco add at 1 percent. very strong taste like licking an ash tray.
    going 1 or 1.5 shade and additive at .2 to .5 next tine
    very strong i let it steep a few days (3) i knew it wouldnt be long enought but...
    it does taste like tobacco, very very strong like i said licking an ash tray after puffing on three cigs at once!
    i read somewhere i think someone mixed this at 15 percent and then thought it just tasted right.
    uhhh vapor tongue? no taste buds or tongue? do not mix this above 5 unless you lack taste buds. you will be tossing it out and remixing.
    over all this will be a great tobacco flavor once i get the mix right.
    of course remember taste is subjective but this stuff is strong.
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    nothing like tobacco!

    Reviewed on 12/3/2016
    Don't like giving negative reviews but...I don't understand what everyone's raving about...this tastes, smells NOTHING like a tobacco flavor. I love FA Desert Ship, Virginia, Soho, and also like RY4...from the reviews and product descriptions I expected something near to a heavier pipe burley or perhaps cigar theme. Instead, surprised and disappointed to find it's like an extremely heavy perfume musk, sickeningly so, and nothing even close to any tobacco I've ever had.
    I'm an ex lifelong cigarette smoker, experimental pipe smoker and the occasional cigarillo...I know my tobaccos.
    Happy to have found the above four flavors...this one isn't one of them, sorry. Not for me. Can't stand vaping perfume!
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    Great ADV!

    Reviewed on 6/20/2016
    I've lost track of how long my wife and I have been vaping, but it goes back to the earliest days when the first (very expensive) cig-a-likes came available.These original junk systems were terrible, but we knew significant improvements were just down the line, and we knew vaping was our best hope to quit our 45+ year smoking habits. The real problem was finding ejuice that satisfied our tobacco cravings. After experimenting for a couple years, I finally came up with the Shade formula that we have been vaping ever since. It's a very simple mixture of 3.5% Shade Tobacco flavoring, with 25% of a macerated tobacco juice (different vendor), and mixed to a ± 70% VG 30% PG blend. Shade is a pleasant light and slightly sweet flavoring that, for us, doesn't have enough of a tobacco-ish flavor by itself. However, adding it to a diluted macerated tobacco juice gives us exactly what we are looking for in an ADV ejuice. The Shade flavoring together with a 70% VG concentration gives the ejuice a slightly sweet taste that we like, so no additional sweeteners are needed. I mix around a liter at a time, and steep about ten days before using.
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    Pretty good tobacco flavor

    Reviewed on 6/9/2016
    I give this flavor a 7/10. I like it at 2.5 - 3.5% as a standalone but also use it as a mixer.
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    Shade Tobacco

    Reviewed on 12/4/2015
    This is one of my favorites, mixed with MTS and Burley, from another brand, the result is a very good cigarette taste, I vape it all day.
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    Tastes & smells like centipedes to me

    Reviewed on 10/14/2015
    This flavor is distinctly odd with no tobacco in it that I could detect, and immediately triggered the long forgotten memory of being a kid looking at bugs on the side of the house, finding that centipedes gave off this bad smell. It was a disconcerting association! But tried it at 1% knowing that concentrated flavorings can smell bad but taste great as long as you don't overdo. I% didn't add much flavor to the vape so kept working working my way up to 2%, 3%... until the concentration got strong enough that it tasted like it smells...centipedes. I realize this is a flavor to be mixed with other flavors, mostly, but I won't be mixing centipede with my DIYs. I was very disappointed it did not have any tobacco flavor to me.
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    FA does it again

    Reviewed on 6/2/2015
    Gotta give it to FA, they make THE BEST tobacco flavoring out there. Shade does not disappoint. It's light, smoky and has a nice light sweet background note that you may not taste in anything but a well built RDA. I usually mix it as a standalone flavor @ 2 -3% and will make it my ADV. I will try this with a cream flavor and bet it will come out perfect.
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