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    ecigexpress offers wholesale discounts on most brands of flavors, bottles, flavor additives, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin.   Orders over $1,000 may qualify for a discount.   For more information on wholesale pricing, please email: or call (888)-418-2215 ext. 950.

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e-cig FAQ

Electronic Cigarette Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Electronic Cigarettes safe?

Many people find that the Electronic Cigarette is a great alternative to tobacco smoking. The nicotine juice that is vaporized has  no products of combustion, just nicotine and the other ingredients mentioned. The vapor that is produced from the electronic cigarette mainly contain water, propylene glycol, nicotine, and sometimes flavoring. Electronic cigarettes are not FDA approved.


Who should use Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are ONLY FOR ADULT TOBACCO SMOKERS over the age of 18. This is an alternative to tobacco smoking. Do not use electronic cigarettes if you are pregnant or nursing. Please consult with your physician prior to using electronic cigarettes. Nicotine is very addicting, so please do not use Electronic Cigarettes unless you already smoke tobacco.


Can I use the Electronic Cigarette for smoking cessation?

NO.  Electronic cigarettes have not been approved for smoking cessation.  Although many people have claimed to switch to Electronic Cigarette use entirely, we can not make any such claims. 


What is a cartridge?

The cartridge contains the nicotine that you get when you use the Electronic Cigarette. The cartridges can be refilled using e-juice (The liquid that contains the nicotine). The nicotine is typically available in different strengths and various flavors. Some flavors try to imitate real tobacco while other flavors can be fruity, minty, etc. The flavors that imitate real tobacco have names like Flue Cured, Marl, and some others.


How long does a cartridge last?

This will vary depending on your smoking habits. Some will be able to use one cartridge for an entire day, some will need to refill it several times per day. Many manufacturers claim that cartridges can last for the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes. This is not true. Always carry extra liquid with you so that you can refill your cartridge.


How do I know when to refill or replace my cartridge?

You should replace the cartridge when the vapor released by your Electronic Cigarette reduces. This is usually an indication that the nicotine juice in the cartridge is running low. Please note that if your battery is low, the vapor produced will be diminished.  For sanitary reasons,  it is advisable to replace the cartridge rather than refilling them.


Is this cheaper than smoking regular cigarettes?

Generally speaking it is cheaper. ecigExpress sells 30ml of nicotine juice for $14.99 or less. That bottle may last an entire month, maybe more, maybe less, depending on your habits.  Atomizers also need to be replaced every 2-4 weeks.  The average total cost per month is approximately $40-$75.


How long does the battery last?

The rechargeable batteries may last anywhere from 1.5 hour to 24 hours, depending on use, and model. If you are using it very frequently it will last less. To avoid being without a battery, always carry a fully charged spare.


Is there an odor when using the electronic cigarette?

There may be an essence. The odors produced are typically pleasant (This is subjective and depends on YOUR personal taste). If you are using cherry flavor, you may smell cherry.


What does it mean when the light at the end of the battery flashes?

It means that the battery is running low. Please replace battery with a freshly charged unit.


I would like to return/replace the product. How do I do that and how to get an RMA number?

Customers must request an RMA authorization prior to returning any merchandise to Authorization may be obtained using the contact us form.
All returned merchandise must be in the original packaging including manuals, accessories, cables, etc. with the authorization (RMA#) clearly printed on the outside of the package. Return requests must be made within 14 days of delivery date. For hygienic reasons we will not provide refund for opened liquid, including e-juice, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or menthol crystals.  These items can not be resold.   IF YOU USE IT, YOU BUY IT.

All warranties are voided if returned product is found to be abused, scratched, mishandled, modified, or altered in any way.
Customer is responsible for proper packaging of RMA returns. All warranties will be void on items that are returned inadequately packaged.

Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable. Customer is responsible for the shipping charges associated with returning the defective merchandise for exchange.   ecigExpress will pay for shipping the warranty replacement to you within the warranty period.

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