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  • Using a Nicotine Testing Kit in your DIY Mix!

    In this tutorial ecigExpress manager Joseph goes over how to use a nicotine testing kit in your DIY mix.

    You can get your nicotine testing kit here:

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  • Getting Started With DIY Eliquid Mixing Video.

    Have you been wanting to get started with DIY but don't exactly know what you need to buy and what the process looks like?

    We have created a super simple and easy to follow basic DIY eliquid mixing guide video with some essential tips on getting started with mixing. Available here for you viewing pleasure.

    This video covers everything you need to get started including safety equipment and proper safety procedures, as well as a detailed overview of the DIY ejuice mixing process.

    Click play below to join one of our mixing specialists, as he brings your DIY skills from curious to educated in less than 5 minutes.

  • 4 Tips To Survive Winter Vaping


    Winter is coming. This guide will help you brace yourself for the unique challenges presented to vapers in this frosty time of trial. Whether you live in an area that will experience a slight morning frost, inches or rain, or feet of snow, we have been through this before, and we have you covered.

    TIP #1: Everything is WET.

    Frost, rain, snow, it's all water and it's all wet! Since your electronic cigarette or vape is, you know, electronic; it really doesn't like to get wet.

    If you are going to have to go outside, try to refrain from vaping. You don't want to ruin a several hundred dollar device just because you get caught in a downpour. That being said, if you must vape outside during inclement weather; make sure that you have some kind of umbrella or waterproof jacket to keep the vape as dry as possible. It is also good to keep in mind that while wearing gloves, you might have a harder time holding on to things and a one false grip can leave your mod or only bottle of ejuice plummeting helplessly into the snowy abyss.

    Remember, it is never safe to use an ecig or vaporizer that has been exposed to water in any way. If you are afraid that your vape has been water damaged. Turn it off and remove the batteries ASAP and store them in a safe place (like outside away from children, pets or anything flammable). You can soak it in a dry rice (similar to the popular method drying a wet cellphone) in an attempt to remove any excess moisture. Due to the high-power nature of these devices, it is advised that after you dry out your vape, you do not attempt to operate it again until it has been inspected by an expert.

    If you find yourself in a lot of unavoidably wet circumstances, you might want to invest in some kind of waterproof container for your mod and some equipment. You can find these containers easily at most sporting stores in the camping or kayaking sections.

    TIP #2: Everything is COLD.

    Low temperature can do some pretty unexpected things to your juice and hardware. For instance, exposing your juice to low temperatures, like leaving it in a freezing car overnight, can make your liquid very viscous. The higher the VG content in your juice the more of a thickening problem you will have if you let your juice get too cold. When the juice is very thick you will more than likely have some serious problems with getting your coils to wick and you might be running into some very, very dry hits. The best thing you can do to avoid this is obviously to try to store all your liquid somewhere that is not a freezing car.


    However, if you wake up to find yourself with some juice as thick as maple syrup, there is no need to fret, this is not a permanent chemical change. It usually only takes about 5 minuets of running the heater in your car and leaving the juice on the dashboard to get it back to a vape-able state. You can also shake the liquid vigorously if you are in a huge rush (just be sure not to accidentally throw it through the window).

    On this note, vaping outside in very cold conditions then coming inside to warm up can leave you with a very leaky tank. Most eliquid is extremely sensitive to rapid temperature changes and you can end up with some juice in some genuinely strange places if you heat it and cool it quickly while the tank is in use.

    Artic-like conditions can also cause some potential issues with your hardware itself. It can dampen your battery life and lead to longer "ramp-up" times on your coils. If you are not familiar with "ramp-up" times, this is the amount of time that it takes from the pressing of your fire button to the point where your coils reach their maximum temperature.

    Since your ramp-up time could be slowed by the cold, it can lead some to believe that their device is experiencing some kind of failure. There is really not much you can do about this, but the issues usually subside after a few good puffs from your vape. Once the coils get going they will naturally stay a little warmer and you should be good to go.

    TIP #3: Super Clouds.

    While most people like to chuck a big cloud of vapor every now and then, sometimes, when you are not expecting it, a massive cloud can really get in your way and lead to some dangerous or at least less than ideal situations. Without getting too science-y just know that your clouds of vapor normally dissipate from expanding out into the air growing thinner and thinner until they are completely gone. Abnormally low temperature can all but prevent this from happening.


    If you are vaping near a roadway or in your vehicle before it warms up, you can find yourself in a situation with an unexpected and potentially harmful outcome. Vapor clouds can distract drivers, and lead to low visibility situations. If you find yourself running into this issue, our best advice would be to try to refrain from vaping while on the road or try turning your device down to a lower power setting (or use a less powerful device).

    Even if your clouds are not directly blocking your view, most vapers will run into mid-winter issues with their windows fogging up more than normal, both in your vehicle and at home. This is probably caused by residual VG building up on them from sessions past. The best remedy for this is to clean your windows as often as possible and invest in some anti-fog glass cleaner.

    TIP #4: Your face will stick to metal if it is cold enough.

    Everyone has seen the classic movie in which a child gets his tongue stuck to a flagpole that has frozen over after his friends "double dog dare" him to lick it. A hilarious scene indeed. However, to a minor extent, this can happen to you if you decide to take a pull from your metal drip tip without adequately ensuring that it is not frozen solid. Since most drip tips are designed to cool down quickly (no one wants to burn themselves either), they can get very cold very fast.

    Our best advice to remedy "The Flick Stick Drip-Tip Scenario" this is to get some chap stick or lip balm. 2$ at the gas station can save you an entire season of "de-lipping" your metal drip tips.

    Review Time:

    Here is a shopping list of all of the items mentioned in this article:

    Waterproof Jacket [✓]
    Waterproof Container [✓]
    Anti-Fog Glass Cleaner [✓]
    Limp Balm [✓]
    Low Power Device [✓]

    Winter can be a trying time for vapers. While you might have to opt out of vaping in some circumstances, with these tips, you should be able keep puffing happily through the colder months. What do you think about these tips? Did we miss anything? Let us know with the comment form below, we would love to hear from you.

  • Battery Safety Guide

    So, you are worried that your battery will explode. While it is entirely possible to push a battery far past it's limit and potentially cause a serious boom, following a few simple tips should keep you vaping happily and safely.


    But first we need to take a second to understand what can cause a battery to “vent” and what exactly “venting” is. All batteries have a maximum continuous discharge rating. This number indicates how much energy (measured in amps) the battery can output safely. The higher the number the more likely it is that you will NOT overload the battery.

    Batteries vent when they are pushed past their limit and become too hot. Venting is when hot gasses escape from the battery housing. If the gasses have no where to go (eg. A mech mod with no vent holes), you will be holding what is essentially a pressure bomb.


    So how do you know if you are using your battery safely? To get a good idea, you just need to know what the discharge rate of your battery is and what resistance your coil(s) are putting up. The table to the left contains a general outline of some common discharge ratings and the corresponding minimum safe* resistance.

    *This is the absolute minimum resistance, we would not recommend going this low. This leaves no margin of error to fall back on if something goes wrong. We suggest building to at least 0.1ohm above the minimum limit to give some extra headroom.

    If you would like to get more exact, model specific discharge information, you can head over to for a detailed battery drain calculator.

    Now that we know about the maximum continuous discharge rating lets take a look at some other general battery safety tips.

    Make sure the plastic wrapping on your battery is 100% intact, any tears or rips especially around the contacts can cause a short circuit.
    If your battery or mod feels hot (hotter than your own body temperature) stop using it right away and let it cool down. If it does not cool down or continues heating up quickly, stop using and dispose of it right away.
    Use and ohm reader to check the resistance of your coils before using them. If you have a regulated mod that has a built in ohm reader it is still important to double check. If your device is not reading the resistance correctly it can cause the battery to work harder than it needs to. Make sure you check your coil regularly for short circuit, you can tell you have a short if your resistance drops unexpectedly.
    In a device that takes more than one removable battery always “marry” them. For instance if you just got a mod that takes 2 18650's make sure you use 2 NEW batteries for it and always use/charge them together. This will ensure that the batteries wear evenly and that one battery is not working harder than the other. NEVER USE BATTERIES WITH UNEVEN CHARGE LEVELS.
    Don't ever leave your batteries or your device in a hot car for an extended period.
    Always store your batteries in a plastic or rubber container in which the batteries can not move or contact each other or any other metal.
    If your battery vents, even a little bit, it is no longer safe to use.
    Use a high quality charger to ensure that your batteries are not over charged.
    Do not charge your batteries when you are not able to monitor the charger.
    When it comes time to dispose of your old or damaged batteries, remember it is illegal in the US, not to mention unsafe, to just throw them in the garbage. Check online for your communities closest recycling facilities.

    At the end of the day, just remember, if something seems sketchy, it probably is. When you are holding a potential pressure bomb inches away from your face it is always better safe than sorry. If you have any questions about your battery or battery safety in general please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

  • eGO One by Joytech

    Today I am checking out the Ego One, the all new “one vape fits all” ecig from Joytech. This is a really small, really awesome set-up that includes the battery, the tank and everything else you need to have an awesome vape, right out of the box.

    This is a very small device so it would be the perfect vape to bring with you pretty much anywhere. The size however, can be deceptive, this is a full-fledged device that will satisfy beginners and advanced cloud chasers alike.

    The Ego One battery has a 2200mah capacity to keep you going all day. The battery outputs 4.2 volts, so with its 1ohm and 0.5ohm coils you will have the options to vape at either 18 watts or 35 watts respectively. The 1ohm coil is designed for people who prefer a mouth inhale and the 0.5ohm coil is for those who like a lung inhale.

    The Tank on the Ego One was also made with everyone in mind. The tank has a really well-designed airflow control ring that will allow you to tune in the perfect draw. The tank itself made of solid metal so you don't have to worry about it breaking or cracking and the windows on the side will give you a peek at your juice level so that you never miss a refill.

    Personally my favorite thing about this setup is that it features pass-through charging so you can charge the battery and use it at the same time. The tank is also interchangeable and the battery works great with other tank systems like the Kanger Subtank and the Aspire Atlantis 2. All and all the Ego One is a great vape kit for anyone looking for an easy on the go ecig with great performance.

  • IPV4 Box Mod Review

    The long awaited IPV4 box mod has finally arrived. The anticipation was killer, but let me tell you, it was well worth the wait. This is well built box mod with a cutting edge feature set that is available for a very reasonable price.

    First of all this is a beautiful piece of hardware, you can really tell that Pioneer4You put a lot of thought into the design. It feels really nice in my hand and looks downright futuristic. I really like the materials they chose for this mod. The housing of the IPV4 is a brushed aluminum which looks really nice and should help minimize wear over time. The battery cover is a really solid feeling and can easily be removed for quick battery changing without any tools. The IPV4 is a little smaller than the IPV3 and a little bigger than the IPV2 mini. To me, it really seems to be the perfect size for a dual battery box mod.

    Feature wise, this mod has you more than covered. The most notable addition to the IPV4 is the temp control feature. Temperature control is becoming more common and it is poised to be a game changer in the world of vaping. By using a coil made with nickel wire you can set this mod to fire at a specific temperature and it will even tell you when your wick is dry so that you never get a dry hit again. Aside from the temp control, this mod is packing tons of power. It takes two 18650 batteries, works with everything down to a 0.1ohm coil and can put out up to 100 watts!

    The display is really nice and has some pretty cool improvements over the IPV3. You now are able to see the resistance readout of your coils down to the hundredth of an Ohm. It has a mini USB port for future firmware upgrades. The IPV4 also has charging port that can be used with a wall adapter (not included) so you can charge it without a dedicated battery charger.

    The IPV4 is a really great box mod for a really great price, if it is time to get a new mod or if you are looking to buy your first box mod you really cant go wrong with the IPV4. It has all of the features and power you could ask for, feels nice in your hand and looks amazing. This device might just become my go-to vape.

  • Introducing the Aspire Atlantis 2 Vape Tank

    Flavor lovers and cloud chasers rejoice, the Aspire Atlantis 2 has arrived. Boasting major improvements over its already phenomenal predecessor, this tank will bring your clouds and flavor to the next level. Don’t let its name fool you! While the original Atlantis was a great tank in it’s own right, the Atlantis 2 is a whole new beast.

    The first thing that most people notice while looking at this tank for the first time is the newly added “drip-tip airflow” holes. There are 4 small holes underneath where the drip-tip sits on the tank. While at first they seemed to be built into the drip tip itself, they are actually part of the top cap.

    The drip tip is removable and the airflow holes would still be there if you were to change the drip-tip.

    The second thing that most people notice is the addition of a second airflow hole on the base of the tank. This is one of the things that really sets this tank system apart from the Atlantis 1. We are talking about some MASSIVE airflow here. With both of the airflow holes open you will have more than double the airflow of the first Atlantis, and more than any other (non-rebuildable) major tank system on the market.

    One of the other major improvements on the Atlantis 2 is the ability to support 2 new coils with varying resistances. We now have a total of three coil options, the classic 0.5ohm coil, the 1ohm coil and the “super sub-ohm” 0.3ohm coils. Not only do we have new resistance options but the coils themselves have improved engineering. They are now made with organic cotton and have a little more airflow built into the coil head itself.

    Another thing to consider when looking to upgrade to the Atlantis 2 is that while it is a great beginner tank, it requires some pretty high end equipment to get it running at its full potential. Aspire recommends a power supply capable of 70 watts for its 0.3ohm coils so you should make sure your battery/mod is up to spec before picking up this tank.

    Overall this is a really awesome (maybe even the best) tank for cloudchasers and flavor lovers alike. It vapes amazingly smooth for this amount of power and has no leaking or gurgling issues to speak of. If you are into chasing those tasty clouds, this tank will bring you one step closer to finally catching them.

    Check it out here:

  • Proposed E-Cig Regulations in WA

    March has been a strange month for vapers in Washington State, with all of us on tenterhooks awaiting the news on the many proposed e-cig regulations. Although the worst of it is now over, there's still a new bill in the works that you need to know about, and there's a lot of work to be done to help protect our health.

    Around the middle of March, CASAA posted a call to action to help prevent the multiple bills that would have:

    • Banned online sales
    • Banned flavored e-liquid
    • Added a 95% tax to all vaping products
    • Impose labeling requirements
    • Require name and address registration of all purchasers of e-cig and e-liquid products

    As Michael Siegel has noted, this legislation would have constituted the strictest regulations in the country. Thanks in part to Rep. Chris Hurst, this bill did not pass.

    HOWEVER, a new bill -  HB 2211 was recently introduced, and it will be heard in the House Committee on Finance this Friday, April 3, 2015. HB 2211 would:

    • Introduce a 60% tax on all vaping products
    • Require the recording of the name and address of all purchasers
    • Require the licensing of all e-cig/e-liquid manufacturers, wholesalers, and vendors

    Bill HB 2211 is nearly as regressive as the bills that failed. Thankfully, it is not yet in danger of passing.

    EcigExpress opposes this bill on account of its requirement that personal details of all purchasers of vaping products be recorded. Cigarette purchases are not recorded in this way, nor alcohol, nor most other dangerous substances. Why Governor Inslee believes that vapers must be monitored to this degree is unknown to us, but it puts an undue burden on both vapor merchants and the law enforcement agencies charged with enforcement.

    For more information, including potential lobbying calls for action, please keep track of developments related to bill HB 2211 at

    Discussion and breaking news about many vaping-related issues can be found at E-Cigarette Forum.

    Together, we can help resist this regressive bill. Write to Rep. Hurst to thank him for his evidence-based lawmaking, and contact your local representative to express your concern over a bill that seems to prefer that residents of Washington State smoke themselves to death with tobacco rather than live longer, healthier lives while vaping.

  • NEW Recipe: Apricot Almond Tart

    With Easter on its way, and spring coming slowly into focus, there's nothing like the reminder of traditional cooking to make your celebrations more fun. Well then, how about a traditional English tart? Apricot Almond tart melds natural sweet flavors in a bright display of complexity, yet never overwhelms the palette, making it an excellent all-day vape!


    Unflavored Nicotine Base

    Apricot by Capella Flavor Drops

    Almond by FlavourArt

    Organic Custard by Nature’s Flavors

    Pie Crust by Signature



    16 ml unflavored nicotine base

    2 ml Apricot

    0.8 ml Almond

    0.8 ml Organic Custard

    0.4 ml Pie Crust


    Makes 20ml of e-liquid.

    Do you like this recipe? Do you want more? Leave a message!

  • Banzai Vapors - Coming Soon!

    With the launch of Immortal Fog now behind us, and with the *amazing* response we've been getting for it nationwide, we've started thinking more about premium e-liquids and what we can do to help you vape better. As a result, we're going to start carrying some of the nation's best e-juice in our online and retail stores in coming weeks, and we thought we'd introduce you to them.

    The first new premium e-liquid we're going to start carrying is the high-VG Banzai Vapors product line. With VG ratios ranging from 50%-80% Banzai is the e-liquid that lets you generate huge vapor clouds first, and ask questions later. If you love the aroma portion of your e-liquid's flavor profile, or if you just love taking vape pics, then we strongly recommend Banzai Vapors.

    Banzai Vapors

    So, which flavors will we be carrying?

    Legion of Ploom

    Jump headfirst into membership of the fruit punch vape crown with Banzai Vapors' Legion of Ploom E-Liquid. This combination of mouth-watering Pomegranate, Blue Raspberry, and Citrus Punch flavors is sure to keep you vaping its refreshing fruitiness all day long, and its high 80% VG content will help you make HUGE vapor clouds.

    Bat Country

    You love sweet and tart e-liquids with hints of exotic fruits, and you're in a hurry to find your next favorite all-day vapor flavor. Well, you can't stop now, because you're in Bat Country. With Bat Country e-liquid, Bonzai Vapors brings together the sweet flavor and aroma of juicy peach with the tart aftertaste of Dragon Fruit, and an 80% VG content to make massive clouds. Just make sure to take a second to confirm when you're meeting lizards in the vape lounge.

    PRINT: Don't think, and definitely don't stop, because Bat Country's combination of peach and dragon fruit flavors is sure to be the envy of the local vape lounge lizards.

    Fairies and Cream

    The perfect dainty flavor for a spring or summer's evening or for a night where you need to remember how much you love flowers comes straight to your atomizer with Fairies and Cream e-liquid by Bonzai Vapors. Fairies and Cream combines the strawberry and blueberry flavors that we all know the little people love, with a hint of cream in the aroma to keep you in their good graces. Coupled with a 70% VG ratio that's perfect for perfuming a room, Fairies and Cream is the perfect flavor for all nature's children.


    Step into the looking glass with Wondermelon e-liquid by Banzai Vapors, where one puff makes you larger, and one puff makes you small. Whether you love the taste of watermelon, honeydew melon, or green melons, you'll love the distinctive combination of flavors and aromas in this delicious melon mix. With its high, 70% VG ratio, Wondermelon is the perfect flavor for lounging around like a caterpillar with a hookah.

    Why So Serious?

    Are you the kind of person who can't help but keep a smile on their face? Does it ever bother you when everyone else looks so grim all the time? Banzai Vapors's new e-liquid helps you ask them "Why So Serious?" With Why So Serious, you'll be able to taste all of the mouth-watering quality of the very same grape flavored bubblegum you loved all throughout your childhood, and you'll be able to balance the flavor and the vapor clouds you make with its 50% VG ratio. If you want to ask someone Why So Serious, this e-liquid is sure to make them smile.

    Milk Plus

    Do you like the flavor of milk? How about the aroma of caramel? Why not combine their sweetness with Milk Plus E-Liquid by Banzai Vapors. Milk Plus also has a massive 80% VG ratio to help you make gigantic clouds of vapor. Just load some Milk Plus in your atomizer and enjoy its nourishing flavor and aroma all day long! It's horrorshow!

    Soon enough, you'll be able to buy these delicious e-liquids from Banzai Vapors right here, and we hope you love them as much as we do!

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