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  • Getting Started With DIY Eliquid Mixing Video.

    Have you been wanting to get started with DIY but don't exactly know what you need to buy and what the process looks like?

    We have created a super simple and easy to follow basic DIY eliquid mixing guide video with some essential tips on getting started with mixing. Available here for you viewing pleasure.

    This video covers everything you need to get started including safety equipment and proper safety procedures, as well as a detailed overview of the DIY ejuice mixing process.

    Click play below to join one of our mixing specialists, as he brings your DIY skills from curious to educated in less than 5 minutes.

  • NEW Recipe: Apricot Almond Tart

    With Easter on its way, and spring coming slowly into focus, there's nothing like the reminder of traditional cooking to make your celebrations more fun. Well then, how about a traditional English tart? Apricot Almond tart melds natural sweet flavors in a bright display of complexity, yet never overwhelms the palette, making it an excellent all-day vape!


    Unflavored Nicotine Base

    Apricot by Capella Flavor Drops

    Almond by FlavourArt

    Organic Custard by Nature’s Flavors

    Pie Crust by Signature



    16 ml unflavored nicotine base

    2 ml Apricot

    0.8 ml Almond

    0.8 ml Organic Custard

    0.4 ml Pie Crust


    Makes 20ml of e-liquid.

    Do you like this recipe? Do you want more? Leave a message!

  • Why buy Wholesale Nicotine?

    At ecigExpress business solutions, we are committed to helping our customers start and expand their e-liquid and electronic cigarette businesses. We've recently expanded our wholesale offerings, and now is a great time for us to share our thoughts on how we can help.

    Wholesale Nicotine

    To develop a strong e-liquid brand, nothing is more important than nicotine. Our wholesale nicotine solutions are made in the USA, from 99.9% pure nicotine. Our wholesale nicotine is available pure, or in 200mg 100mg, 60mg, 48mg, 36mg, 24mg, 18mg, 12mg, and 6mg nicotine strengths, mixed with either USP kosher propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine. With our variety of wholesale nicotine options, you can save time and money when you make your own e-liquid.

    E-Liquid Flavorings

    Of course, to keep your customers coming back, you need to have an amazing selection of flavors for your e-juice. Not only can you mix your own flavors from our wide selection of bulk and concentrated flavors by Flavors Express, FlavourArt, Jungle Flavors, Signature and Hangsen, you can also take advantage of our pre-mixed flavor concentrate that's ready-to-mix!

    E-Liquid Bottles

    The last thing you need to get your e-liquid business off the ground is some bottles to fill and sell. We can help, with 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 30ml and even 50ml childproof, tamper-evident, and needle-cap dropper bottles available in wholesale quantities from 500 to 3,000.

    That's it! Just mix your nicotine with PG/VG, add flavor, and bottle! With ecigexpress business solutions, it's easy to start mixing your very own e-liquid by the gallon, so why not take a look at our DIY e-liquid flavor offerings and recipes, and think about whether you have the confidence to get your idea off the ground!

  • NEW RECIPE - Vanilla Clove Tobacco

    It’s been a while since we’ve tried to make a new tobacco flavor, so it seems worthwhile to try something spicy. Here we have it, then, Vanilla Clove Tobacco! With its genuine tobacco flavor, texture, and aroma, coupled with hints of clove and vanilla to add richness to both the inhale and the exhale, Vanilla Clove Tobacco may well be your next all-day tobacco-flavored vape! Try it out, and tell us what you think!


    Unflavored Nicotine Base

    Tobacco Absolute Diluted Liquid Concentrate (1 drop)

    Clove by Flavourart

    Canadian Type Tobacco by Inawera

    French Vanilla by Capella


    Vanilla Clove Tobacco

    27 ml unflavored nicotine base (70/30-PG/VG recommended)

    2 ml Canadian Type Tobacco

    0.5ml French Vanilla

    0.5 ml Clove

    1 drop Tobacco Absolute

    Makes 30ml of e-liquid.

    Tobacco Absolute can be very viscous, so steep well and mix properly before vaping.

  • NEW Recipe: Cherry Blossom Cupcake

    February is ending soon, and so is winter. And what better flavor is there to celebrate the blossoms of spring than the actual flavor of spring blossoms, wrapped up in a delicious tasty treat base?

    So why not try Cherry Blossom Cupcake, an all-new e-liquid recipe combing the refreshing springtime aroma of cherry blossoms with sweet vanilla cupcakes, and just a hint of real cherry flavoring inside to satisfy your desire to see the sun?



    Unflavored nicotine base

    Cherry Blossom by Signature

    Vanilla Cupcake by Capella Flavor Drops

    Cherry by LorAnn Oils


    26.5 ml nicotine base (60/40 PG/VG recommended)

    2 ml Vanilla Cupcake

    1 ml Cherry Blossom

    0.5 ml Cherry


    Makes 30ml


    Do you like this recipe? Do you want more? Leave us a comment, and tell us what you think!

  • NEW E-Juice Recipe: Mulled Apple Cider

    Now that Halloween is over and winter is coming, it’s a great idea to vape with a flavor that will warm us up as the seasons cool down. Since the leaves are still turning, I couldn’t help but think that something orange would be a great idea, so it came to me that a mulled apple cider e-juice recipe would do the trick perfectly!


    Unflavored nicotine base

    Double Apple by Signature

    Cinnamon Ceylon by FlavourArt

    Brandy Flavor by LorAnn Oils


    27 ml nicotine base (60/40 PG/VG recommended)

    1.5 ml Organic Apple Cider

    0.5 ml Cinnamon Ceylon

    1 ml Brandy Flavor


    Do you like this e-juice recipe? Do you want more? Leave us a comment!

  • NEW Recipe: "Tea; Earl Grey; Hot."

    A quick scan of any collection of e-liquid flavors can show you that there are tons of coffee and espresso e-liquids out there, but what about tea? More importantly, what about making your *own* tea flavor.

    So, since sometimes I like a pick-me-up that doesn’t taste like coffee, and since I’ve been on a bit of a Star Trek kick, I decided to try to make Picard’s traditional “Tea; Earl Grey; hot.” The upshot of all this experimentation is that I’m now actually pretty comfortable making lots of different tea flavors, which leaves me strangely excited. I also like a lot of flavor in my Earl Grey, so I used a lot of Bergamot.

    NOTE: This is meant to be a slow, smoky e-liquid, so I used a 60/40 PG/VG ratio. If you’re not used to that much VG, this can be a little much.


    Unflavored nicotine base

    Black Tea by FlavourArt

    Bergamot by FlavourArt


    Tea; Earl Grey; Hot

    25 ml nicotine base (60/40-PG/VG)

    3 ml Black Tea

    2 ml Bergamot


    Makes 30ml of e-liquid.

    Can you think of any cool tea recipes? Why not share yours?

  • New Recipe: Fieldberry Pie

    It’s summer, and that means berries are in season! But, if you’re going to vape with berry flavors, why keep it simple when you have all of nature’s bounty at your disposal? This is the time to be adventurous.

    In order to celebrate summer, here’s a new recipe I’ve concocted: Fieldberry pie. There’s nothing like a delicious berry tart to cheer me up on a summer’s day, so now you can make one yourself. This is meant to be a slow and relaxing vape, ideal for after dinner, or sitting on the verandah.

    I just used two of my favorite berry flavors, but if strawberry and blueberry don't tickle your fancy,  there are so many more to choose from!


    Makes 30 ml of e-liquid

    •  25.5 ml nicotine base (65/35 PG/VG recommended)
    • 1 ml pie crust
    • 1.5 ml strawberry
    • 1.5 ml blueberry
    • 0.5ml bitter wizard

    Do you like this recipe? Can you offer any hints to tweak it? Leave a message!

  • So you want to start vaping?

    So, the other week, we put together a proper vaping glossary in order to allay some of the confusion a first-time vaper must feel when confronted with the dizzying array of parts and products available. One of the best parts about vaping is how much you can customize your experience in order to fit your own tastes. Sadly, one of the worst parts about vaping is that sometimes it seems like all you can do is customize your own experience to fit your own tastes. What, then, is a beginning vaper to do? And what do you really need to think about when you want to buy your fist kit?

    Once you get to the stage that you’re willing to seriously consider a switch to DIY vaping, there are two ways to go about it, you can go all-out on the DIY front, including the preparation of your own e-liquids, or you could focus on just choosing your own hardware and working with pre-mixed e-liquids. Both of these are perfectly good options, but exactly what equipment do you need to start with?

    Every vaper is going to need the following items:

    • A Battery
    • A clearomizer
    • A wick
    • A battery charger
    • E-liquid

    That’s pretty much it. Something like this very inexpensive starter kit has everything you need besides e-liquid. And the premixed e-liquids are going to be your weapons of choice in this case. For starter flavors, we recommend a tobacco flavor (RY4 is popular, and delicious), a simple flavor (something like vanilla, or clove), and a flavor that just tickles your fancy. If you want to have two flavors you can switch on the go, you may want to pick up a second clearomizer (like these), and you may want to get a second battery, too, in order to always have one available while the other is charging (like this one). This additional equipment will help you from backsliding to actual smoking.

    If you want to go all-out and also make your own e-liquids, then you’re going to need a bit more gear. In specific, you’re going to need:

    • Propylene Glycol
    • Vegetable Glycerin
    • Unflavored nicotine liquid
    • Flavorings
    • An eye dropper or a syringe
    • Empty bottles
    • A pair of gloves

    The PG and VG might be optional depending on how you buy your unflavored nicotine liquid. Thankfully, you can get a complete kit rather easily, or you can get parts piecemeal from this site under Flavorsàe-liquid ingredients. Although this seems like a lot more equipment, it’s really fairly basic. After all, you’re going to need to be able to calculate and create your own e-liquids from scratch, and that’s going to require some accuracy, as well as some basic safety measures. We recommend mixing e-liquids on a cleanable, non-porous surface of some sort, like glass.

  • A Vaping Glossary

    Modifications! 510 threading! Variable voltage! PG/VG ratios! Coils, cartomizers, and clearomizers!

    Sounds confusing, doesn’t it? Well, it can be. If you want to start DIY vaping but don’t know where to start, this is the place. We’re going to give you a quick walk-through of all the different equipment you’ll need, and some suggestions about the best way to get it.

    Whether you’re look at the panoply of products available at an online or a brick-and-mortar vape shop, the first thing you need to know is that there are three different kinds of equipment. Here’s the run-down of what they are and what they do.


    Hardware components can include the following items:

    Batteries: This is the part of the e-cigarette that actually powers it. Battery capacity is measured in mAH (milliampere/hour). Larger numbers mean greater capacity. Advanced batteries can also have variable voltage settings, which let you choose how much power the battery puts out with each puff. Variable wattage batteries also exist, and you can increase the wattage to ensure that each puff is of the same strength when your battery’s capacity is low. You can find our battery selection here.

    Atomizers: Also known as heating coils or heaters, atomizers are the part of the e-cigarette that vaporize your e-liquid. Liquid is usually drawn into the heating coil by means of a wick. Atomizers can come with various levels of electric resistance, measured in ohms (Ω): lower resistance numbers make for a hotter burn. The effects of this will vary, depending on your flavorings (different flavoring substances become vapors at different temperatures). By and large, resistance ratings will not affect the quality of your vape. You can find our atomizer selection cartridges.

    Tanks: Sometimes also called cartridges, these hold your reservoir of e-liquid, and will be attached to the mouthpiece, the battery, and the atomizer. Cartridges can wear out with use, as the heat produced by the atomizer can warm and warp them. If you have a device with a separable tank, you may have outdated equipment, and you should probably upgrade to a clearomizer system. Older tanks (which are *not* attached to atomizers) are prone to leaking and flooding, and it is a deeply unpleasant, and potentially dangerous, experience to inhale a mouthful of nicotine-bearing e-liquid or end up with some all over your hands or face. Poorly-made tank systems were once a major source of reticence over switching to e-cigarettes.

    Clearomizers: Cartomizer technology combines a tank and an atomizer; Clearomizers are the way of the future, and the current maturity of e-cigarette hardware can be attributed solely to their development. Clearomizers combine a tank (or cartridge) and an atomizer (hence “cartomizer”), and they are at least partially transparent (hence “clear”), allowing you to quickly see how much e-liquid remains in your tank. They also tend to have a larger capacity than older tanks, they are easier to refill, and they are unlikely to ever leak e-liquid all over you. These are meant to screw directly to the battery, and may come with replaceable mouthpieces. You can find our clearomizer and cartomizer selection here.

    Mouthpieces: Also known as drip tips, mouthpieces on most cartomizer systems are replaceable, which means you can bling out your e-cigarette as much as you want. This is the only part of the e-cigarette you want to put in your mouth. You can find our mouthpiece selection here.

    Wicks: Wicks draw the e-liquid from the reservoir into the atomizer. Different wicks of different lengths, or made of different materials, are available. This is usually a matter of personal preference, but no matter what you do, make sure that you have left your wick to soak up your e-liquid for some time before you start vaping with a new flavor. Adding heat to a dry wick is a good way to burn it, which a) tastes horrible, and b) means you need to go through the trouble of replacing it. You can find our wich selection here.



    Battery Chargers are used to recharge your e-cig batteries. The battery screws in to the charger, which usually draws power via a USB cable. Adapters for wall sockets also exist. Please ensure your charger has the same threading as your battery, or else they won’t connect together. You can find our selection of chargers here.

    Bottles are incredibly useful to have around if you are making your own e-liquid. You can mix e-liquids in their own, clean, bottles in order to ensure your product is exactly as you want it. A few of these, of various sizes, will be necessary if you choose to take the DIY e-liquid route all the way. We offer a large selection of them here.

    Syringes and eye droppers are another necessary tool in making your own e-liquid because they will help you transport measured quantities of e-liquid components. They are also useful for properly refilling your tanks and clearomizers. We have a good selection of such things here.

    Gloves are a desirable, but not necessary accessory for DIY e-liquid mixing. If your nicotine content is under 24mg, then you’ll probably be fine without them. However, if you are mixing anything stronger into your e-liquids, you’ll want to seriously consider at least a pair, as nicotine can be absorbed through the skin. Here is our listing for gloves. They’re cheap, and safety is always important.

    Adapters come in two kinds, threading adaptors, which can be used to connect together e-cigarette parts of different circumferences, and sleeve adaptors, which serve a cosmetic purpose in making your e-cigarette not look silly when it is assembled. You can find our selection of adapters here.


    Nicotine, usually available suspended in either PG, VG or a mix of the two, nicotine is the active ingredient in cigarettes. However, it is *not* a necessary ingredient in e-liquid. You can find our selection of pre-mixed e-liquid here, and our unflavored e-liquid here.

    PG / Propylene Glycol is a safely-consumable liquid commonly found in numerous food products. When vaporized, PG is responsible for the “hit” on your throat when you take a puff from your e-cig. You can check out our selection here.

    VG / Vegetable Glycerin is also a safely consumable liquid, found in numerous food products. VG is what produces the smoke-like vapour when you exhale after taking a puff from your e-cig. It also adds a mildly sweet taste to e-liquid mixtures. You can find our selection here. Because sometimes a 50/50 ratio of PG and VG is desirable to avoid having to calculate the effects of new ratios, we offer pre-mixed blends here.

    Flavor is the fun part of vaping. We have a *massive* selection of over 1,200 flavors available, so go take a look and pick up what interests you!

    Stay tuned, because next time we’ll discuss what you actually *need* to start vaping, and we’ll develop a starter kit.

    Do you have any questions or comments? Leave a message!

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