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    ecigexpress offers wholesale discounts on most brands of flavors, bottles, flavor additives, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin.   Orders over $1,000 may qualify for a discount.   For more information on wholesale pricing, please email: or call (888)-418-2215 ext. 950.

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  • The Flavor Journey of Immortal Fog


    Last time I wrote about Immortal Fog, I explained the rationale and concept behind our new line of delicious premium e-liquid. Now, it's time to introduce the six exciting flavors that we're releasing tomorrow.

    The flavors we developed for Immortal Fog were conceived with the idea of a journey in mind. The more you vape, the further away you get from analog cigarettes and their harmful, carcinogenic, toxins. Each flavor of Immortal Fog, therefore, is meant to have special significance for different stages on your journey of vaping.

    Immortal Fog - The Beast

    The reason most first-time vapers use cig-alike vaporizers and try tobacco flavors is because they are the most familiar. It's really easy to get in to vaping when you start with a predictable flavor because as a device, an electronic cigarette is already strange enough at first. This led us to develop The Beast. With its realistic tobacco flavor, aroma, and aftertaste, The Beast may well be the most realistic tobacco flavor on the market today. The familiarity of this e-liquid makes it harder to backslide to traditional cigarettes.

    Immortal Fog - Awakening

    Over the course of our five years of retail experience with electronic cigarettes and e-liquids, we have learned that the vaping bug catches easily, and that most vapers begin to expand their horizons by experimenting with new flavors to use in their e-cigs. Awakening is meant to reflect this aspect of a vaper's journey. With its simple, yet strangely compelling sweet flavor, Awakening is the perfect introduction to the limitless delicious possibilities that help vaping stand out from smoking.

    Immortal Fog - Avalon

    Once vapers begin to get used to how sweet-flavored e-liquids not only help make vaping fun, but also more enjoyable, they often enjoy trying a variety of predictable flavors to see how the taste compares to the real thing. In a lot of ways, this is one of the best things about vaping, in the sense that there are so many e-liquids, and so many possibilities, that the extent of your enjoyment can seem limitless. With Avalon, we wanted to make sure that our customers would have a great opportunity to try a familiar taste - Strawberry Lemonade - using our own recipe. We wanted the flavor of this e-juice to be familiar, but not overwhelming, and we think we've done an excellent job with the recipe.

    Immortal Fog - Legendary

    By starting our more familiar flavors with a mild one, of course we felt we also had to try our hand at a stronger one. Enter Legendary, with its unique candied peach flavor. With Legendary, it was important that we truly satisfied everybody's sweet tooth, because we have already been gesturing towards the satisfaction of sweet e-liquid flavors with Awakening and Avalon. We hope you agree that Legendary is the perfect flavor for vapers who want to truly explore the potential of richly flavored e-liquids. It helps that this flavor produces a really great lasting aroma.

    Immortal Fog - Ascension

    For a lot of people who really get into electronic cigarettes, one of the pleasures of the hobby is the tech. Whether we're talking about variable voltage or variable wattage batteries, adjustable airflow cartomizers, or even wholly mechanical MODs and rebuildable dripping atomizers, we all love playing with the newest gadgets. If you count yourself among this group, Ascension may well be the flavor for you! With its unique earthy flavor and its rich combination of taste and aroma notes, you'll enjoy tinkering with your e-cig and your heat settings to get the perfect puff from this dessert e-juice, and that's exactly why we think you'll love it.

    Immortal Fog - Infinite Bliss

    Whether you're a straightforward vaper, a tinkerer, or just someone who loves e-liquid in general, we had to get really creative with our "ultimate" flavor. What, after all, can you give for the person who has everything? Well, with Infinite Bliss, that's exactly what we give you: everything! The flavor notes in Infinite Bliss run all across the fruit spectrum, so whether you're just starting out and want some variety in your flavoring, or you're super-advanced and love to tinker with your settings, we've designed this e-liquid flavor to reward your curiosity and good taste. Infinite Bliss will surprise you with its depth.

    So, there you have it: six flavors for everybody, but with the idea of a journey in mind, too! We've spent a long time developing Immortal Fog for you to enjoy, and we hope you'll spend an even longer time enjoying it. No matter where you are in *your* vaping journey, we hope that you'll stay the course, and we've developed Immortal Fog to help you out, every puff along the way.

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    Electronic cigarette flavour art


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    Electronic cigarette facebook page


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  • I Would Gladly Help Out The Next Person

    Let's see how would a 1 year vaping supply benefit me. Well I've been on state disability for 3 yrs now. I only get about $300 a month after bills are paid there isn't much left over for vaping supplies. I have had to get rid of some comforts such as cable tv and my pc. I use my laptop it's a little old but works fine on dial up. With the little bit of money I've saved and made selling my pc I was able to make a 5v box mod and get some DIY supplies to lessen the cost of vaping. But now, supplies are running low and so are my funds. I didn't really want this to be a sob story but I did want to explain my situation. Am I deserving just because I'm hard up? Maybe not. But, it sure would help a lot I really don't want to go back to cigarettes because at times they are cheaper then vaping. Thank you for reading this and thank you for such a great contest if I should win it I would be very grateful. Not to mention, when I could, I would pay it forward to another who is in need even if it's only a bottle of juice to get them by until their next check. As money stricken as I am I still try my best to help others in need. If I have something a newbie needs I gladly pass it along. As long as it isn't putting me out of vaping at all. Again thanks for a great contest and good luck to all who enter.

  • Share your electric cigarette story and win prizes!


    CONTEST START March 22, 2011

    Share your story about how the e cig affected you or your loved ones, and be entered to win prizes!

    2 Easy Ways to Enter

    We want to hear your story!   As long as it relates to electronic cigarettes, we want to hear it!  You can even post pictures, video's, or artwork to enhance the value of your story.  Make it as real as possible, let the world know your personal story!

    Share your story and win free stuff from
    Three Prizes Levels:   1st, 2nd, 3rd.
    1st Place = $100 worth of goods from
    2nd Place = $50 worth of goods from
    3rd Place = $25 worth of goods from

    How to play: Two easy ways to enter:  Submit your story on our Facebook page, or send your email to ; stories will be posted on our blog (  When submitting your story, please end it with your first name and state of residence.  Don't worry, we wont post your personal details.  Only your first name and state.  For example, Tamara from Florida.

    3 Winners will be selected by the staff at and will be influenced by stories that have thumbs up and likes to them.

    Prize will be redeemed via our toll free number 1-888-418-2215.  Winners will receive instructions on how to redeem prize.

    Whats is the contest about?
    Your personal ecig story.

    Who can play? Those over 18 years of age who have a Facebook account or an email address. Shipping address MUST BE IN THE USA. If someone from another country wins, we will not ship outside of the USA! Again, we will ONLY SHIP THE PRIZE TO A USA ADDRESS!

    Who can win? Anyone over the age of 18 with a USA shipping address. No exceptions.

    How do I enter? Submit your story on the ecigexpress Facebook Page in the designated thread. You may submit multiple stories, with different unique content to increase your chances, limit of 1 story per day - But please, other entries must be unique and have a different story, don't just post your same story more then once!

    When does the contest start? March 22nd, 2011.

    When does the contest end? Submit your personal story by April 30th, 2011 to be eligible.

    Guidelines: Simple, tell your story!

    Our 3 favorite stories will be selected.

    *Prizes may not be combined with any other offer, including coupon usage.  The total redemption value includes shipping.  So if you win a $25 prize, you can order $20 worth of goods if the ship cost is $5.  The total cannot exceed the prize value.
    *Contest will be canceled if we get less than 50 stories*


  • Win a 1 year supply of ecigarettes and e-liquid CONTEST!

    National Treasure Hunt
    1 Year Supply Giveaway

    Let the games begin!

    The grand prize:
    1 year supply of your electronic cigarette needs all in one package. The prize will consist of 30 atomizers, 8 batteries, 30 (30ml size) bottles of e-liquid (You may pick 2 strengths and 3 flavors, tobacco, menthol, or unflavored). Estimated prize value is $1000 USD.

    2nd place winner: $100 worth of prizes.

    3rd place winner: $50 worth of prizes.

    Contest overview:
    ELIGIBILITY: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. This contest is open to anyone 18 years of age or older worldwide who has an e-mail address and online access at time of entry. ECX LLC is the ("Sponsor"). Contest begins at 11:00:00 AM (EST) on May 10, 2010, and ends at 11:59:59 PM (EST) on Sunday, May 23, 2010.

    Playing is simple, solve riddles and find treasures on the website. Riddle example: Two men are in a desert, they both have packs on, one of the men is dead. The guy who is alive has his pack open, the guy who is dead has is pack closed. What is in the pack?

    ANSWER: Parachute.

    Once you solved the riddle, go to the website and find an image with a parachute.
    Once you have solved the riddle and found the accompanying treasure, immediately email your answer to When emailing your answer, include the riddle # in the subject line. They will be time stamped and used to select the grand prize winner. The first contestant to find all treasures wins. The first contestant to complete all rounds is the grand prize winner. If more than 1 contestant qualifies for the grand prize, the time stamps will be used to select the contestant who emailed the final answer first. Only one answer per riddle per contestant. Multiple answers on the same riddle/treasure combination disqualifies you for that round.

    Riddles will be posted in the contest forum. You may enter at any time. We will release between 1-3 riddles each day which will lead you to learn about the hidden treasure.

    If you are having difficulty with a particular round, please check the forum for clues. Feel free to publicly ask for clues in the forum, but do not ask for the answer.

    To aid in your adventure, we may provide clues that will assist your treasure hunting. The clues will be made public. To keep things fair, there will be no clues given to people via email, chat, phone, or in any private format.

    If the winner is located outside of the United States, cannot be responsible for the legality of the product in your country. Any customs issues will be the sole responsibility of the winner.

    The grand prize will be sent via USPS Priority mail with insurance and signature confirmation required.

    By receipt of any prize, winner agrees that ECX LLC is not liable whatsoever for any injuries, losses or damages of any kind resulting in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from the acceptance, possession, use or misuse of any prize or from winner's participation in the Contest.

    Learn more here

  • WIN this ultimate prize!!! No purchase necessary!

    Round 1: Find the eyeball!

    Here are the details:

    There will be 3 rounds. Round one will be easiest, round two more difficult, and round 3 even more challenging.

    In each round you will need to find something. Here is what you need to find in each round. Round 1: Find an eyeball. Round 2: Find a human heart. Round 3: find the word ecigarette spelled backwords.

    Rounds will continue until one person finds all three pictures. The first person to find all three pictures wins the prize. Once you find the picture, please email me via the ecigexpress contact form or pm me here on ECF with the URL and where the picture was found.

    The eyeball is waiting you!

    The prize:

    1 Joye 510 Mega kit (Mega batteries/mega atomizers)
    1 Mega PCC
    1 Car Charger
    2 bottles of e-Liquid (USA Made)
    1 DIY Unflavored e-Liquid
    1 80g Menthol Crystals
    1 80g Ethyl Maltol
    1 120ml 50/50 PG/VG
    10 Pipettes
    3 Syringes in 3 different sizes
    5 3ml empty bottles
    5 6ml empty bottles
    1 Plastic Funnel
    5 Signature Flavors
    5 Tobacco Flavors

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