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  • Who can afford tobacco these days?

    Electronic cigarettes make the perfect gift


    Since the economic crisis began in 2008, American households have been forced to seriously evaluate their spending habits, with smokers having to make some tough decisions. For most of us, quitting tobacco creates the grim challenge of facing intolerable withdrawal symptoms.


    Then there are the costs. Because of America’s endless love affair with taxing tobacco products, the average pack of cigarettes is more than $6. If you live in places like New York City, you’ll spend about $10 a pack! This means that smoking a pack a day for one year would cost $3,650!


    The increased cost of smoking tobacco during a recession may partly explain why so many smokers have switched from tobacco to electronic cigarettes. In 2010, about 750,000 e-cigarettes were sold. In the following year, sales more than tripled to 2.5 million. So far in 2012, sales are closing in on 4 million units.


    While switching to electronic cigarettes can ease some of your financial woes, it may make you feel better, too. Smoking electronic cigarettes may be safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes because less nicotine is absorbed when smoking electronic cigarettes than tobacco cigarettes.


    Recent research concluded that smoking e-cigarettes does not affect heart function. There is also substantial anecdotal evidence from users that switching to electronic cigarettes improved their breathing, and some even report sleeping better.


    As the holiday season begins and you start thinking about gifts for family and friends, you might consider electronic cigarettes for the smokers in your life. It will keep some cash in their wallets, and it may even make them feel better.


    Save money with electronic cigarettes

  • Black Friday Sale

    Black Friday Sale for Electronic Cigarettes

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

    We are kicking off this holiday season with our annual Black Friday sale, so visit our site on November 23rd for the best electronic cigarette deals around! Electronic cigarettes make a perfect gift for someone who wants an alternative to tobacco cigarettes, so be sure to stock up for your friends, and don't forget about yourself !


    Happy Thanksgiving from Ecigexpress

  • Happy Halloween!

    Electronic Cigarette Store_Happy Halloween


    Happy Halloween from the staff at! Check out our October specials, and don't forget to stay up to date with our new ecig flavors and accessories!



    Electronic Cigarette Halloween Ghost

  • The Real Reason for the Anti-ECig Campaign: Money, What Else!

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  • Which prohibit? Tobacco vs. Ecig



    Thanks to Agence Nomad for posting this chart comparing tobacco and electronic cigarettes.  The infographic shows some of the cancer-causing chemicals in tobacco cigarettes, which include the same chemicals found in paint stripper, welding torches, ant poison, napalm, lighter fluid, car batteries, car exhaust fumes, insecticides, embalming fluid, lethal execution by gas, paint, gasoline, rocket fuel, cockroach poison, toilet cleaner, industrial solvent, and plastics.


    On the contrary, liquid for electronic cigarettes includes only propylene glycol, glycerol, aromas, and nicotine!


    Electronic Cigarettes vs. Tobacco cigarettes


    The chart also shows that second-hand smoke from tobacco cigarettes is far more dangerous than vapor emitted from electronic cigarettes, a claim that is consistent with recent studies. For example, research reported on this blog found that second-hand vapor is not harmful to health.


    More recently, European researchers found that "the quality and quantity of chemicals released to the environment are by far less harmful for the human health compared to regular tobacco cigarettes."

  • Second-hand vapor not harmful to health, study finds

    Second-hand vapor is not harmful to human health, according to research conducted at Clarkson University.


    The study, published in this month's Inhalation Toxicology, examined vaporized e-cigarette liquid and compared it to smoke produced by tobacco cigarettes.


    The researchers found "no significant risk of harm to human health for vapor samples from e-liquids." In contrast, the study confirmed that tobacco smoke posed a substantial risk to human health because of its cancer-causing chemicals.


    These results are important for e-cigarette users everywhere because they confirm that electronic cigarettes pose no substantial risk to public health, especially when compared to tobacco cigarettes. Click here for more information on electronic cigarettes vs. tobacco cigarettes.


    We hope that this research informs public policy and convinces lawmakers that e-cigarettes are a far better alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes!

  • Can e-cigs help you quit smoking tobacco cigarettes?

    Quit smoking with electronic cigarettes Image courtesy of


    “e-cigarettes may hold promise as a smoking cessation method,” according to researchers at the Boston University School of Public Health. Although they are not marketed as a smoking cessation device, many e-cig users are able to quit smoking cigarettes.


    The study, published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, found that two-thirds (66.8%) of the 222 smokers surveyed  smoked less after using e-cigarettes for six months, nearly half (48.8%) quit smoking cigarettes for a period of time, and almost a third (31%) quit smoking completely.


    Research published by the National Institutes of Health found similar results. Italian researchers from the University of Catania found that electronic cigarette smokers were able to quit smoking cigarettes and remain abstinent for at least six months.


    We are happy to report that many of our customers have had similar experiences. We would love to hear more about your experiences with e-cigs. Please write about your e-cig experience below!

  • FAQ: Can I travel with my e-cig?

    Traveling with electronic cigarettes Image courtesy of



    With smoking bans in airports throughout the U.S., many of our readers have questions about whether they can travel with electronic cigarettes and e-liquid/e-juice. The staff at has compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive about travel.


    Can I smoke my e-cig on the airplane?


    No. The U.S. Department of Transportation prohibits the use of electronic cigarettes on airplanes. You can, however, travel with electronic cigarettes and e-liquid/e-juice (see below for more information).


    Smoking electronic cigarettes on U.S. flights has been officially banned since 2011, most likely because of the confusion it would cause on flights. Simply put, airlines don’t want to have to explain what electronic cigarettes are  to those passengers who might not know what they are.


    Can I get through security with e-liquid/e-juice?


    Yes. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) does not prohibit liquids for electronic cigarettes. You can bring commercially labeled liquids not exceeding 3.4 ounces (100 ml) if they are placed in a clear plastic bag (e.g., ziplock bag).


    For information about carrying liquids through security, visit:


    Can I travel with large bottles of e-liquid/e-juice?


    If you want to travel with bottles of e-liquid/e-juice larger than 3.4 ounces (100 ml), you will have to wrap it securely and place it in a checked bag. You cannot take liquids in large bottles onto the airplane.


    Can I bring rechargeable batteries through security?


    Yes, the TSA recommends packing batteries in carry-on luggage rather than in your checked baggage. We recommend disconnecting the batteries from the atomizer before going through security.


    For more information on traveling with batteries, visit:


    Where can I find more information on TSA rules and regulations?


    For information on items prohibited by the TSA, visit:

  • Smoking electronic cigarettes does not threaten heart, study finds

    Smoking electronic cigarettes does not affect heart function, according to recent research.


    The study, presented at the annual meeting of the European Society of Cardiology, found that smoking electronic cigarettes may be safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes because less nicotine is absorbed when smoking electronic cigarettes than tobacco cigarettes.


    In fact, electronic cigarette users can control the amount of nicotine they consume. Many users begin with 24mg of e-liquid (the flavored liquid used in electronic cigarettes) and over time reduce their nicotine consumption to 6mg.


    The authors also claimed that electronic cigarette use may actually be beneficial to one's health when compared to smoking tobacco cigarettes, even if electronic cigarette use is not healthy, per se. Electronic cigarettes are probably safer than tobacco cigarettes because the former have far fewer chemicals than the latter.


    Tobacco cigarettes have thousands of chemicals other than nicotine, and many of them are known to cause cancer. Some of these chemicals include benzene (petrol additive), formaldehyde (embalming fluid), ammonia (toilet cleaner), acetone (nail polish remover), tar, and carbon monoxide (car exhaust fumes).


    This study is an important milestone in understanding the effects of smoking electronic cigarettes on heart function, and we look forward to more research like this!

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