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  • E-Cig Regulations: Unsupported Statements Accepted as Truth

    Hey everybody! We've been really busy over here at ecigExpress updating the website and preparing ourselves for the launch of a very exciting line of ALL NEW premium e-liquid: Immortal Fog. While we wait for the good stuff to come down the pipes, I thought it would be worth taking a moment to step back and remind ourselves why vaping is awesome.

    Lately, there has been a lot of news about states and cities attempting to ban, restrict, and tax electronic cigarettes as though they were the same as analog cigarettes. Obviously, that isn't the case.

    Sadly, what is the case is that public health organizations, academic researchers, and others, seem to be forced to act this way. In the UK's Spectator, former WHO Tobacco Control chief Derek Yack has recently discussed what he calls the toxic legacy of tobacco, noting that even though electronic cigarettes save lives by helping 38% of users stop smoking entirely, while over-the-counter Nicotine Replacement Therapy (like the patch) has only a 5% success rate.

    As Damian Thompson's blog post about this article reminds us, Yack is in agreement with the Royal College of Physicians in saying that "‘Switching completely from tobacco to e-cigarettes achieves much the same in health terms as does quitting smoking and all nicotine use completely." However, too many medical professionals endorse the view that vaping is somehow harmful, and it is these unsupported statements that all too often get accepted as truth.

    In the US context, Brad Rodu has recently challenged us to look at the NIH funding data to figure out why tobacco harm reduction research is so regularly stifled. As it turns out, that's because the NIH won't fund it. Moreover, the same academic critics who argue against tobacco harm reduction are likely doing so in order to keep their grants.

    On the federal level, it's easy to see where things have gone insane. As Gilbert Ross tells us in his blog post The Madness of the War on E-Cigs, it's actually the Center for Disease Control that's the most extreme advocate against them, more so than even the FDA, whose mandate it is to regulate them. And, of course, we have to think about all of those large pharmaceutical companies who stand to benefit from the marketing and sale of ineffective NRT products.

    As we move forward in vaping, developing ever more sophisticated e-liquids and hardware, we should always remember that we're doing the right thing, and we're doing it ahead of the curve. Just remember, it's smoking that kills, not nicotine.

    Happy Vaping!

  • NEW Recipe - Super Bowl Popcorn

    With Super Bowl Sunday quickly approaching, it’s time to think of the most important part of your party planning: the snacks! Although it’s fun enough to sit on the couch with your friends and watch the game (and maybe more importantly, the ads!), you still want the right treats at hand, and you certainly don’t want to miss any important moments.

    What you need to do then, is to try vaping with this new recipe: Super Bowl Popcorn. You're sure to taste the sweet flavor of victory!


    Unflavored nicotine base

    Popcorn by Capella Flavor Drops 

    Caramel Original Flavor by Signature

    Milk Chocolate Flavor by Signature



    26 ml nicotine base (70/30 PG/VG recommended)

    2 ml Popcorn

    1 ml Caramel Original

    1 ml Milk Chocolate


    Makes 30ml of e-liquid.

    Did you like this recipe? Do you want more? Tell us what you think!

  • What's New at ecigExpress? January 2015

    Happy New Year! We’ve made a lot of changes and updates at ecigExpress, and so I thought I should share with you some of the exciting new things we have going on.

    New Products

    ECX Recipe Concentrate
    Did you enjoy any of our old pre-mixed e-liquids? Do you wish you could get them again? Now, you can! Each 500ml bottle of ECX recipe concentrate can be used to make up to 5 gallons of e-liquid. Just add your base, steep, and vape!
    Sub-Ohm Tanks

    If you’ve been thinking about using RBA or RDA atomizers but don’t want to go through all the trouble of actually building them and replacing their components, now you can get sub-ohm tanks and kits with easily replaceable coils. Both the Kanger Subtanks and the Aspire Atlantis Tank can be your introduction to massive clouds of vapor. Be sure to use a Sub-Ohm battery with these tanks for the best experience.

    New Videos!

    The ecigExpress YouTube channel is back!. Subscribe to our channel for new product reviews and DIY tutorials. To give you a taste, here’s our “DIY Coil Building For Beginners” video:

    With all this new content, as well as more new products, our new product categories, and, soon, a brand-new premixed e-liquid brand in stock, we’re looking forward to an exciting 2015, and we hope you’ll join us!

  • NEW RECIPE: Sour Watermelon Gummy E-Liquid

    With the new year in full swing and winter slowly departing, it’s time to think about the excitement of spring and summer. But how? C-A-N-D-Y!

    Sour Watermelon Gummies is an e-liquid flavor that combines the juiciness of sweet watermelon and gummy candy with a tart finish meant to keep the flavor on your tongue. This flavor is not only irresistible, it’s addictive!

    9 ml Unflavored Nicotine Base
    0.25ml Gummy Bears by Flavor West
    0.25 ml Watermelon by Signature
    0.25 ml Sweet Watermelon by Capella Flavor Drops
    0.25 ml Tart and Sour Flavor Booster by LorAnn

    Makes 10ml.

    Did you like this recipe? Do you want to share yours? Comment below!

  • FDA Urged to Grandfather Recent E-Cigs

    Some of you may have seen CASAA's recent blog post, in which they break the news that Reps.  John Boehner (House Speaker), Kevin McCarthy (House Majority Leader), and Fred Upton (Chairman of the House Energy & Commerce Committee) co-signed a letter to the  FDA , urging them to reconsider the draconian grandfather date in their regressive and misguided proposed anti-e-cig legislation for electronic cigarette hardware.

    This is good news! As we have  been saying  for a long time, enacting a band on e-cig hardware produced after 2007 is tantamount to banning electronic cigarettes entirely - a move that would harm public health while stuffing money down tobacco companies' trousers.

    For those of you who have read it, CASAA's blog post seem over-critical, suggesting that this is an effective short-term solution, but not an effective long-term plan. By and large, CASAA's assessment is correct, and when their action plan is released, we encourage you to follow it.

    However, it is worth mentioning that based on our reading of the FDA's proposed legislation, the new proposed grandfather date of April 2014 would only barely stifle the market. All of the hardware and e-liquids that we have come to know and love would still remain available, and we would be able to continue vaping in confidence, knowing that some of the most time-tested e-cig parts would still be available.

    As usual, it's the little things that help us through. And if you decide to buy someone a starter kit for Christmas, you know they'll be able to keep using it!

  • Youth Smoking Down: Go E-Cigs!

    According to a study released yesterday by the CDC, middle- and high school student smoking rates have continued to decrease. Among high school students, the smoking rate has dropped from 15.8% to 12.7%. This is excellent news. As smoking rates continue to drop among children, we can expect that they will live longer, healthier lives as they grow up.

    However, the CDC also reports that the use of electronic cigarettes among high school aged youth has increased from 1.5% to 4.5%. CDC Director Thomas Frieden has stated that "kids are starting out with e-cigarettes and then going on to smoke conventional cigarettes." This argument is doubtful.

    As Michael Siegel has pointed out on his blog post about this news, the CDC "has not identified a single youth who started with electronic cigarettes and then progressed to cigarette smoking." Why, then, are we getting two stories from the CDC?

    Given that knee-jerk reactions to any kind of tobacco use are part-and-parcel of the crusade against electronic cigarettes, it seems as there is no good reason for a science and health organization such as the Center for Disease Control to say that children are being lured to smoking via electronic cigarettes. Here's why:

    Anybody who has tried both traditional and electronic cigarettes know that the sensation of smoking them is nothing alike.

    Just because cigarettes are known to be the source of health problems does not mean that electronic cigarettes are, too.

    The center for disease control's mandate is not the reduction of smoking - that would more properly fall under the domain of the FDA or the ATF.

    So, the deal here seems to be that the CDC, or at least its director, wants to be visibly seen to be standing on what he wrongly perceives to the the "right" side of the public debate about e-cigs - the side that stands against them. Shame on you, Mr. Frieden, for working to prevent people from quitting smoking. Public health is about saving lives, not about political theater.

  • American Vaping Association: E-cig Sales Up; Analog Sales Down

    On October 2nd, a press release by the American Vaping Association, entitled "E-Cigarette Sales on the Rise While Cigarette Consumption Decreasing," drew our attention Wells Fargo's assessment of the domestic e-cig industry having surpassed $1.5 Billion in sales, while traditional cigarette sales have decreased 3.5% in Q2 2014.

    Here at ecigExpress, we are proud to count ourselves among the "small, independent companies" the AVA's press release cites with "a clear track record of selling quality products that help people break their smoking habits."

    We have been really busy lately over here improving the website and the shopping experience for our online customers. Thanks to you, we continue to pride ourselves on our amazing customer base and your constant comments and suggestions for improvement. We hope that e-cigs and DIY e-liquids have helped you improve your health, and we look forward to your being with us for a very long time.

    With the extent of the current discourse and attempts to ban vaping lately, it's nice to be given an opportunity to step back and reflect on our amazing customers. You guys are the best! Let's beat tobacco together.

  • NEW E-Juice Recipe: Mulled Apple Cider

    Now that Halloween is over and winter is coming, it’s a great idea to vape with a flavor that will warm us up as the seasons cool down. Since the leaves are still turning, I couldn’t help but think that something orange would be a great idea, so it came to me that a mulled apple cider e-juice recipe would do the trick perfectly!


    Unflavored nicotine base

    Double Apple by Signature

    Cinnamon Ceylon by FlavourArt

    Brandy Flavor by LorAnn Oils


    27 ml nicotine base (60/40 PG/VG recommended)

    1.5 ml Organic Apple Cider

    0.5 ml Cinnamon Ceylon

    1 ml Brandy Flavor


    Do you like this e-juice recipe? Do you want more? Leave us a comment!

  • Upcoming website changes to ecigExpress

    Hello everybody! As you may have heard, over the weekend we’re going to start rolling out some changes to the website to smooth out our navigation, clean up some modules, and help you shop more effectively. Here’s a brief list of what’s coming down the pipes:

    ecigExpress website update preview Home Page Preview

    Clearer product categories.

    ecigExpress currently has nine major product categories (plus specials), and some of them are confusing. We’re reducing this number to four.  Now, you’ll know exactly where to go to get what you want, in the quantities you want.

    Improved product visibility.

    Right now, any given page defaults to showing only nine products. We’re increasing this number to fifteen. Also, you will soon be able to sort products ranked by popularity and reviews to help you make the best decisions when shopping.

    Better flavor browsing.

    Right now, our massive stock of flavors is sorted somewhat haphazardly. Soon, you will be able to browse our stock of flavors by brand, as you can now, or by flavor type (within all brands).

    Improved access to non-commercial content.

    Looking for our newsletter? Our e-juice calculator? Our recipe book? Our blog? All of these links, and more, will soon be available in an easy-to-use navigation column on the left-hand side of the page.

    Better sorting of e-cig hardware.

    Frankly, our hardware section has become a bit of a mess. We’re fixing that. In order to help you more easily find what you need, we're going to be adding the ability to browse by brand, and we're going to be linking associated products together so you don't buy the wrong parts by accident.

    Quick access to retail info.

    We know a lot of you come to the website to get information about our retail locations throughout Washington State. Now, that’s going to be much easier for you to find.

    Smaller Text

    In order to streamline the shopping process, text throughout the site will be made smaller for desktop users.

    Other improvements include a printable PDF e-cig and DIY beginner’s guide, improved breadcrumb navigation, and improved site loading times. We’re working on it. If you have any suggestions, or if you find any bugs, please don’t hesitate to contact us, or leave a message right here!.

    We’re really excited about making work better for you. We hope you are, too!

  • Astroturfing Public Opinon

    Happy Friday, everybody! Welcome to another week of ecigExpress’ blog, where we tell you all about the worst (and, sometimes, the best) things happening in the ongoing discourse around vaping and electronic cigarettes. This week’s news has been confusing and somewhat eventful. Let’s take a look at what’s been going on.

    According to a recent article in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, apparently a great deal of the Twitter outcry against an electronic cigarette ban was "astroturfed," in the sense that a false sense of consensus was advanced by the 600+ anti-regulation tweets from all over the US. Well, that's what the conclusion suggests, anyways. The data in the article, however, states that only 14% of the tweets may have been astroturf.

    What does this mean? Essentially, public policy advocates now have a journal article they can cite to ignore their opposition's opinions, regardless of whether or not it these opinions are a worthwhile contribution to the debate at hand. This is just more evidence that "public health" professionals do not actually care about what the public has to say.

    In less ridiculous news, in a recent article in the Austin Journal of Pulmonary and Respiratory Medicine, pulmonologist Allen J. Blaivas gives the real skinny. Blaivas writes clearly: "can vaping help smokers quit use of cigarettes? the simple answer is yes." Moreover, he suggests that The FDA should rightfully regulate these products as smoking cessation aids," while warning that "the constant barrage of negative messages and continued harassment of “vapers”, confining them in
    outside areas with combustible tobacco smokers will lead to missed opportunity and recidivism."

    Essentially: vaping is good; vaping is a way to quit smoking; and treating vapers badly is bad for everybody. Well said!

    Even better, a recently published article in Addiction on e-cig use concluded that "Regulating EC as strictly as cigarettes, or even more strictly as some regulators propose, is not warranted on current evidence." Hooray for common sense!

    Oliver Kershaw, the founder of e-cig-forum recently wrote a piece for CNN noting that the only winners in the FDA's quixotic crusade against electronic cigarettes will be the big tobacco companies. Not that this news is much of a surprise, of course, but it's nice to see a respectable venue pick up on it.

    As recently leaked documents suggest, the WHO is on the warpath against vaping, too. I wonder if their position is astroturfed, or if the Hippocratic oath really means that little?

    Well, this has been yet another weird week in vaping news. Stay tuned for the latest on electronic cigarettes every Friday!

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