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Fresh Cream by FlavourArt

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About This DIY e-Liquid Flavor

The sweet flavor and feel of fresh cream, perfect to remind you of spring and summer. Use it by itself, or combine it with fruit and dessert flavors in your unique DIY e-liquid formula. Complements dessert, fruit, citrus, and mint flavors, and tastes excellent when spiced up with a hint of vanilla or cinnamon. You can even use it to soften the taste of coffee! Be sure to keep a ready supply of Fresh Cream, as it is an incredibly versatile flavor.

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Reviewed on 6/13/12
Nice flavoring, it works well with fruit and dessert type flavorings to give them a creamier taste and texture
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Reviewed on 6/11/12
I didn't expect this to be so buttery. I guess I expected it to be sweeter. But knowing what they intended this to taste like, they did it well. Definately good to mix into things that could use a bit of buttery creaminess. Not overpowering.
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Reviewed on 6/3/12
This is so creamy and good. I mixed it with FA strawberry and it tastes just like strawberry ice cream. I will definitely stock up on this one.
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Reviewed on 12/13/11
I added this to espresso and cappuccino it really brings out the flavor must buy
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Reviewed on 11/12/11
Sara is right. Here's an example. I had a tobacco simulation with 2% Virginia 1% DesertShip 0.5% Latakia (with a few other notes at 0.5%) where that Virginia backtaste compounded the same in the DesertShip. I was kind of stuck, all the usual suspects seemed powerless, as the problem was a note that stuck out. Sweetening wouldn't help, Bitter Wizard would just make it worse, Liquid Amber wouldn't fit, too fruity/sour, Oba Oba would just add sweet-caramelly, MTS Wizard was already in the mix. 1% Fresh Cream did the trick. Rounded out the edges, a LOT like adding cream to a sauce. Brilliant stuff, Flavour Art.
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Reviewed on 10/27/11
This gets 5 stars cause this flavoring is exactly what it says it is, fresh cream.

Fresh cream naturally is not sweet it actually has bitter notes to it well this flavoring has those bitter notes and taste exactly what fresh cream should taste like.
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Reviewed on 10/19/11
As usual with FA, this is an interesting flavor. But IMHO it's an example of how eliminating diacetyl is hard. Of course you need toxic diacetyl like a hole in the lungs, but replacing that family has not been not easy. This flavor is like a whiff of cream, you can use it as a note, and it's great with all sorts of core flavors, but even for that it takes more than the expected 1%.
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Reviewed on 9/9/11
I use this with my butterscotch and dk tobacco base. It's really good!
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Reviewed on 7/23/11
I've recently become obsessed with mixing my own DIY e-juices and this Fresh Cream flavoring is a wonderful addition to smooth out and add a light creaminess to some flavors I found a bit overwhelming. Adding this flavoring I discovered it turned what was an e-juice that was a bit too strong into an e-juice that was balanced and super delicious! This is a flavoring that will always be a staple in my collection of e-juices and flavorings! Two thumbs up!
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