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Joye eGO Mega Atomizer Type B

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Regular Price: $10.99

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[JoyeTech] eGO Mega Atomizer Type B

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    About This Item

    eGO Mega Atomizer Type B

    The Joye eGO Mega Atomizer is a large atomizer designed specifically for the eGO.  It is large so that the eGO cone is not necessary. This is a type B Atomizer.

    The eGO atomizer MUST be used with eGo mega cartridges! 

    TIP:  Atomizers are consumable products and have an average lifespan 2-6 weeks.  Of course your usage may vary.  Always have a few extra atomizers on hand!

    WARRANTY:  This item comes with a 7 day warranty.  Atomizers are considered consumable products.  Please read our warranty policy for full details.

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    eGO Mega Atty type B

    hungarian girl
    Reviewed on 11/10/13
    I've been using these for years and just started using vivi nova also, which gives about the same benefits except, u must b careful with/vivi to keep upright as it is clearomizer/breakable & may leak if turned outside down. My mega can be in back pocket, dropped, whatever, and still works with less care
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    what Happened?

    Reviewed on 9/25/13
    I have to wonder what the heck is going on with these atomizers. I used to get up to 30+ days with these type B atomizers now I’m lucky to get a week. Last one only lasted 2 days.
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    Reviewed on 9/21/12
    Best solution yet! No leaks, hold a lot of juice. Still using one for over a week now. Highly recommend.
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    Reviewed on 7/18/12
    This is the best I've found for a powerful atomizer. It must be used with mega cartridges/tips. Works well with the variable voltage battery.
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    Reviewed on 7/5/12
    The best atomizer I know for my style of vaping, but they don't seem to last more than a few days, anymore. I had one that lasted four months, with the average maybe 3 to 4 weeks. That was until about six months ago. 10 or 11 bucks for 4 to 8 days longevity, though Ecigexpress did replace one, that's a hassle. Vapor - good, Quality - crapshoot.
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    Reviewed on 6/11/12
    I ordered two atomizers: one worked, one didn't. For a mega atomizer, the "power" of this was a little disappointing; felt like I had to work harder for a decent throat hit.
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    Reviewed on 5/21/12
    with a drip tip you will vape all day with these,,,nice!!!!
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    Reviewed on 4/10/12
    Great for dripping. I only need to do about 3 drops every half an hour.
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    Reviewed on 3/12/12
    This works great with the variable voltage pass-thru. Gives great vapor and throat hit. (Must use the "mega" filters as fitting is larger)
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    Reviewed on 3/3/12
    I was a 2 pack a day smoker. So I really vape this thing heavily. Out of all the different types out there, this seems to produce the most in vapor and flavor. It also lasts beyond 14 days. Usually.
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