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oRYental 4 Tobacco by FlavourArt

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oRYental 4 by FlavourArt (Select Size)

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    About This DIY e-Liquid Flavor

    A slightly bitter tobacco flavor blend with floral yet fruity notes, oRYental 4 (RY4) is a long-time favorite with an Italian flair. Vape oRYental by itself, or blend it with your favorite tobacco flavors to mellow out the mixture. This is a perfect all-day vape for those who want to stay mellow, but alert.

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    A bit of information about oRYental:

    The Latin roots of the word "oriental" simply refer to the direction East. Because there's a lot of land between Italy and the Pacific Ocean, "Oriental" flavors can refer to tastes characteristic of the Middle East, India, or even as far as China or Japan.

    Pronunciation:   or-ee-en-tall

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    Brand Name:   FlavourArt
    Product Number:   FA-ORYENTAL4
    Ingredients:   Contains propylene glycol and artificial flavor.
    This flavor contains Diacetyl and/or related diketones.
    Not suitable for vaping.
    Imported From:   Italy
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    Reviews of oRYental 4 Tobacco by FlavourArt

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    Most Accepted Reviews

    Reviewed on 3/16/2012
    Smooth, mellow & laid back vape! Very Good and would buy again!
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    Reviewed on 7/23/2011
    GREAT flavor! I thought it was missing something, added some Desert Ship to my mix and found the flavor I expected. I am very impressed with Flavourart products and E-Cig service.
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    Reviewed on 5/8/2011
    Great flavor. Caramely, with notes of Vanilla and an underlying spiciness. It's very versatile and can be used with alot of other flavors.
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    oRYental 4

    Reviewed on 1/23/2018
    Our best seller since 4 years. Easy to mix at 3% very tasty
    Customers love it !
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    Vap O Flore

    Reviewed on 10/31/2017
    A very good flavor alone
    We are selling a lot and it taste a lot with 1%
    We ue it since 2015 for one of our best selling tabacco
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    No flavor

    Reviewed on 5/23/2017
    I tried this alone at 5 and 10 percent. Nada. Tried it in different combinations with other ry4 type flavors. It collapses under anything you mix it with. First and last time purchase.
    0% of 1 user found this review helpful Was this review helpful ? Yes / No


    Reviewed on 3/3/2016
    Even mixed at 20%,with equal VM and PM, the flavor was weak and really nothing special. Perhaps mixed with other flavors, it might have some use, but I have decided not to spend the time and money to do so.
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    not like at all like ry4 but its good

    Reviewed on 12/22/2015
    I was surprised because I was expecting something more like ry4. I love so many of the ry4 mixes. More like sig Ry4 dbl. I really didn't taste the caramel and vanilla. But I have been finding out that sometimes it has a lot to do with the percentages. They need to be just right to taste certain flavors.
    I mixed mine at about 3% maybe a little more, At first I did not like it at all. In fact I was all ready to do a bad review and just never got around to it.
    I am glad I didn't because I would of had to edit.
    There were a few flavs that I had mixed that I decided to give another try. So they had more time to steep, between that and my ever so fickle taste buds, I actually liked this... and then I actually liked it even more. Even though it has not become an adv for me, it is something that I do use often. It also works well as a mixer in some flavors that need a little pick me up. Plays well with other tobacco flavors.
    I have been thinking about mixing it into one of my ry4 mixes.
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    not very good

    Reviewed on 11/12/2015
    Tasted like Chow Mein
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    I can see why some people like it

    Reviewed on 10/27/2015
    But this flavor is not for me. The floral notes are just too much and it even has a bit of a ginger taste to it. I don't think it even belongs in the ry4 category
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