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Sour Gummy by NorthWest VG Flavors

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Sour Gummy by NorthWest VG Flavors

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    About This Item

    About This DIY e-Liquid Flavoring

    Enjoy the sour fruit chew taste of Sour Gummy by Northwest VG flavors! Sour Gummy will pair well your fruit and candy mixes to add that bit of sweet kick that will stimulate your taste buds and add a new layer to your DIY flavor profile!

    Contains NO PG, dyes, alcohol or added sugar.

    All flavor concentrates are undiluted! Recommended usage: 5-10% (or to taste)

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    Gummy children! Yum

    Reviewed on 8/1/2017
    I mix this at 7% and found it to be on the weak side. I went all the way up to 15% and I got some good flavor it taste like gummies and it's not real sour. So if you want it's our you probably need to add some Sour to it. It's sweet and mild so would be good to mix to sweeten up recipes. So, I didn't add sweetener. I actually got Cola to make gummy Coke bottles flavor. I got the Flavor West Cola. This actually came out just like Cola gummies. YUM! So, I got what I wanted and I'm giving it 5 stars.
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    Unique, But Nothing Too Amazing

    Reviewed on 3/18/2017
    I just got this the other day, and haven't been able to mess around with it too much, but the first thing I tried with it, was to create a "Warhead" concept of sour for a buddy of mine. I used Blue Raspberry, Blackberry, a smidge of Lemon Sicily, Swedish Fish for a little bit of a waxy feel, and a dash of Super Sweet (since you know, it's a candy). And it tastes like a Warhead just as it's about to get extremely sour. I've worked on this concept for a while with sours, and this recipe has been the best I've gotten without it being super diluted and being over-ridden with sour. I will be doing single flavor tests to see how it is by itself, and will post another review of the single flavor. Overall, I was kind of surprised with how different this was compared to other recipes I've made. If you're looking for a new concept to mess around with, Sour Gummy may not be a bad start for your new venture.

    TLDR: Attempted a Warhead, turned out not too shabby, worth a try if you want something different.

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    Single Flavor Test Results

    Reviewed on 5/7/2017
    A little late to my Stand Alone Review. But better late than never. I started this SFT On 3/18/17 (today being 5/7/17). At 5% 60/40 mix, (Smok Alien 220W, TM24 atomizer, and 0.85 Claptons) this is a usable 1 shot flavoring. it's very filling of the mouth (probably because it's VG based), it has a sour/sugary note to it that is satisfying enough by itself, and wouldn't need to use much, if any sweetener or sour on if you use this in a recipe. The flavor profile reminds me of a sour gummy, that's been sitting in your mouth for a bit, and all the crystals are dissolved in your mouth. So the way I would use this in recipes, would be at lower percentages (0.5-1.5%), as a mouth fill, and to round off some hard edges on the exhale. I used this in my Grapple Candy recipe, which had a hard, almost chemical like, exhale. Added this, and it took most of that note away, and even added a little bit more flavor to the grape candy by surprise. In conclusion, I wouldn't say that this is the best sour/gummy/candy flavor out there. but if you're looking for something new to play with, and to experiment with existing recipes to maybe alter your taste to something more of your liking, I would check it out.

    TLDR: Pretty ok as a standalone, can act as a mouthfill, or as a accent to round off hard edges of an exhale at lower percentages. Stand at a rating of 4/5
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