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Green Tea Wafer Bar by ExclusiveGirl 30ml

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Green Tea Wafer Bar by ExclusiveGirl

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About This Item

Have you ever had a Japanese green tea wafer bar? They are made of matcha based frosting sandwiched between wafers, then covered in white chocolate mixed with matcha.

These things are addicting, like seriously addicting. It’s a true all day vape that won't gunk up your coils.

For those of you with an extra sweet tooth, it’s recommended to add some marshmallow to the final mix.

Exclusivegirl prefers 0.75% of FA Marshmallow, but other brands work as well.


Recommended Starting Percentage: 9.7%

Recommended Steep Time: Shake and Vape, full potential at 14 days

This concentrate makes approximately 309ml  of liquid at the recommended percentage.


Note: Our concentrates are a complex blend of flavors that contain no nicotine or tobacco.



One-Shots contain a complex blend of flavor concentrates. 

One-Shot concentrates must be mixed with propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin, before you can vape them. 

The ratio of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin is entirely up to you. 


Instructions for use:


  1. 1. Mix the recommended percentage of the one-shot blend with propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin.

  2. 2. Shake vigorously. Note that you may want to allow the e-liquid to steep before vaping.

  3. 3. Vape and enjoy!

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Reviews of Green Tea Wafer Bar by ExclusiveGirl 30ml

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Most Accepted Reviews

Love it!

Reviewed on 6/17/2018
In the three years that I'm vaping I have enjoyed tea (real tea, not ice tea) based flavors the most. Things like the 'tea time' line from Kapalina (French) and especially 'Discovery' from Coval Vapes. Both are hard to come by and EXPENSIVE. I turned to DIY and tried every recipe I could find the ingredients for, only to get disappointed every time. During that search I stumbled upon this recipe from Exclusivegirl, but since the green tea she uses is impossible to obtain in europe I had to discard it.
Until last week, when I could no longer resist and ordered the mix from here. Costs a small fortune after shipping and import duties/fees but I had no other options left ...

Upon reception of the package I immediately mixed 50 ml 80/20 @ 9.7%, as instructed by the creator of the recipe, and gave it a try in my RDA. I immediately liked it but found it quite subtle and frankly, I was a bit disappointing and concluded I had to up the percentages quite a lot. The next couple of days I played around with the other aroma's I ordered and only occasionally vaped the Green Tea wafer bar. But every single time I liked it more and more. I ended up emptying the 50 ml in 2 days...

Conclusion? I love it! It has the same kind of quality I find in the other good tea based vapes. A quality I find difficult to describe, I want to use words like 'full' and 'fluffy' and 'gourmand'. To me it is a rich bakery with just the right amount of floraly tea goodness. Will be ordering lots more I'm afraid.

Remark: in my experience this absolutely needs to steep, only a couple of days but it makes a ton of difference ... Ow, and the end product is pink, no idea if it is a coloring added or one of the aroma's but it is my first pink juice and well, a bit strange ...
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quite disappointing

Reviewed on 4/24/2018
As a veteran matcha drinker of 15 yrs and a green tea kit kat fanatic (all kinds, yes theres more than one!! but I'm reviewing this based on the most commonly avail one), I was supper excited when I heard about this recipe. I felt it was not at all on point of either taste sadly.
It lacked the texture from the wafer bars (I added some acetyl pyrazine & that helped allot actually with the texture and more realistic taste, toning down the fruity/floral notes).

However the biggest hang up I cant get past is even after a 3 week steep, & a sample with the addition of marshmallow, even tried sweetening, the taste of realistic green tea (NOT matcha!) is too prominent. Quality green tea has a slight jasmine/osmanthus note depending on how and where the tea was grown, I know that FE green tea is used in this and its a great flavour, right on point fir green tea but even though matcha IS a form of green tea, it does not taste like that and neither do the kit kats.
Matcha is known as the fifth taste which is frothy & is acquired. It is slightly bitter while being sweet at the same time (and I'm talking about real matcha not the ground tencha, falsely called matcha thats used in mixed beverages by coffee shops & smoothie places) The main difference for the taste is that matcha is grown in the shade & only the first harvest of upper leaves is used, removing the stems, veins etc then grinding to a luminescent green micro silk powder. It has no floral note to it at all. This creation has promise but needed a better understanding of the flavour profile she was chasing I think. Because I like the idea of this so much Im gonna keep trying to create a version I like using different green teas (or perhaps an alternative if I cant find a tea with the right profile cuz this isn't it.
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Not What I Was Hoping For

Reviewed on 3/22/2018
When I saw this concentrate, I was absolutely ecstatic because matcha is one of my favorite flavors in life. I’d never had any juices that contain any matcha, so I had to try this.

It’s not at all a bad recipe, but I couldn’t taste any matcha whatsoever. All I could get out of it was a creamy cake. If that’s what you’re looking for, then get this, but I was hoping for a much stronger green tea.
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Excellent mix!

Reviewed on 1/27/2018
I’m all about simplicity, and this is it! I’ve never tried a green tea wafer (kit kat), but love a good green tea frozen treat from Starbucks.

This tastes EXACTLY like that! It’s a really great. I immediately mixed the whole 30ml, with a few samples with the added marshmallow (only had purilium), to see how it tastes.

Overall, love this, and am going to order more.

PS - mixed at 10%, when mixed, it will turn pink almost immediately.
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