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What Are Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes, also called e-cigarettes, e-cigs or e-smokes, are an electronic version of a cigarette, a smoking alternative devices providing small amounts of nicotine with each inhalation. This may provide you with a similar sensation as that of smoking traditional tobacco, but with fewer carcinogenic substances like tar.

Electronic cigarettes are easy to use. You simply fill your e-cig with e-liquid. E-cigs heat up the e-liquid, which turns it into a vapor that you inhale. E-liquids do not produce smoke because nothing is burned, just fog-like particles.  



An Electronic Cigarette performs similarly to a normal cigarette. Some e-cigs can look, feel or taste like a cigarette or cigar. However, instead of lighting tobacco and inhaling the smoke, the user activates an electric switch that heats a nicotine-bearing liquid until it becomes a vapor, which is then inhaled.

Electronic cigarettes are composed of a battery, a cartridge or tank, a heating coil (or atomizer), and e-liquid. The batteries are usually rechargeable, the tanks can be re-filled, and modern microprocessor technology governs the regulation of heat to the vapor-producing heating coil. All this hardware supports the vaporization of the e-liquid, which contains mostly water, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and nicotine, as well as flavoring agents. Unlike tobacco, the vapor from electronic cigarettes can smell and taste quite pleasant, and e-liquids come in all flavors, including tobacco, nut, floral, menthol, fruit, candy, and even dessert flavors.

The reason electronic cigarettes are so effective is that unlike nicotine replacement methods such as the patch and the gum, the act of using an e-cig is very much like using a traditional cigarette. Many users often find that inhaling the vapor is similar to traditional tobacco smoking, and they recieve their nicotine in a form that lets them satisfy their cravings without many of the dangerous secondary by-products of setting fire to organic material. In brief, e-cigs are a safer alternative to smoking that are effective at reducing cravings and exposure to toxic chemicals while helping smokers quit in a satisfying way. 


How it works

Once the electronic cigarette is ready for use, the user simply inhales through the mouth piece. At this time,  the atomizer vaporizes the nicotine liquid and turns it into an inhalable vapor. The user will experience a similar sensation to that of traditional smoking, only safer.


Product components

1. Atomizer
The atomizer is responsible for vaporizing the nicotine liquid.

2. Battery
The battery powers the atomizer. If the vapor produced is weak, or there is little to no vapor, simply recharge the battery.

3. Mouthpiece
The mouthpiece usually has a type of cotton material inside. This is where the nicotine liquid is. Once it becomes dry, please replace the cartridge or refill it. For sanitary reasons, we suggest you replace the cartridge with a fresh one after it becomes empty.

Please note, when you first receive your electronic cigarette, it is advisable that you charge your batteries for 8 hours. Once they have been fully charged, use them for 20 minutes, then charge again for 1 hour. You only need to do this once. This will ensure proper function from your electronic cigarette.


Why is it better to use electronic cigarettes as compared to Traditional Cigarette?

  • No burning, no combustion, no tar, and no real smoke.
  • No air pollution.
  • Virtually odorless; Odors are very pleasant. Your home, clothes, and car will be without unpleasant tobacco odor. .
  • No teeth discoloration. Improved breath.
  • Typically less expensive than traditional tobacco smoking.  Save up to 80%!
  • Generally not offensive to others (Please be considerate of others and ask if it is okay for you to use your electronic cigarette, we are sure they wont mind!)
  • It may be permitted in places where smoking is forbidden*  Please respect non smoking zones as the electric cigarette emits a vapor that looks just like smoke.


Nicotine Strengths

The nicotine juice is available in many strengths to suite each user.

  • High Nicotine - 18mg (24mg may also be available)
  • Medium Nicotine - 11mg
  • Low Nicotine - 6mg
  • No Nicotine - 0mg


How do I know which strength of nicotine to use?

This is a very popular question. The simple answer is only you will know that. It is wise to start with a low strength and work your way up until you find your satisfaction level. If you continue to have tobacco cravings, it could be due to a low nicotine level. Many want to know if 18mg strength is equal to Red Pack full flavor. This is quite possible, but we cannot provide an accurate answer. Your best plan of action would be to get several nicotine strengths. Once you find the one that suits you, then you know which level you require.


How many cigarettes are equal to one cartridge?

This is a common question from new electronic cigarette users. This varies greatly depending on device used and the individual habits of the e-smoker. One cartridge may last 1 day for a light smoker, or it may last a few hours for a heavy smoker. Only you will know the answer to this. If you only take a few puffs every few hours, it will last for a long time. However, if you are puffing on it non stop, the cartridge will need to be replaced more frequently.


How long do the batteries last?

This varies depending on use. A heavy user will need several recharges per day, while a light user may only need to recharge one time.


Suitable users and non suitable users

Suitable users

  • Current tobacco smokers wanting to try an alternative.
  • Tobacco smokers who would like to smoke in places they cannot.
  • Adult smokers over the age of 18.

Non suitable users

  • Non adult, minors, under the age of 18.
  • Non smokers should NOT use an electronic cigarette. Nicotine is very addicting and this could result in a new addiction.
  • People allergic to nicotine or sensitive to the fragrance.
  • Pregnant women should not use electronic cigarettes. Nor should breastfeeding women.
  • Patients with conditions or diseases that make nicotine hazardous. E-Smoking may be contraindicated in patients with diabetes, hypertension, as well as other medical conditions. Please consult your physician before using an electronic cigarette.


How do I know e-smoking is for me?

There is only one way to find out. That is by trying it. Electronic cigarette smoking is becoming very popular so it is quite possible that you can witness someone e-smoking first hand. There are also many resources on the internet that will review the act of e-smoking, often times in video format ( Many users of e-smoking report that e-smoking is more enjoyable than tobacco smoking because of the benefits listed here. One month of e-smoking is generally much less expensive than traditional smoking, this makes this venue much more appealing to many people.

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